vrijdag 23 januari 2009


Yes, he did it: Barack Obama is the new president of the United States of America! It was the first time ever that I wanted to make sure that I was able to watch the oath because yes, I wanted to witness hitory. And in Washington DC about 2 million wanted to do the same. It was a day full excitement and when O took the stage and delivered his first maidenspeech it was very quiet! But it is not this speech or this man that I want to go on about. It is the lady dressed in yellow on high heels with a big smile on her face: Michelle!

What a woman and not because she happens to be O his wife! There is more to this woman that catches my attention. To me M is the typical woman of our times. Being a woman in the 21st century is a very big challenge. It seems that these times demand superwomen in order to survive. But what is a superwoman?

Perhaps it is that woman that is able to combine everything: a job, ten hobbies , being a four star chef in the kitchen, keep her body in shape, look every day like she has a hairdresser living in her bathroom, a businessagenda with no open spaces to be noticed, three children to fill up her big family car, gain a five diget salary and aim for the big job opening at the top!

Superwoman seems to be a woman like Rachida Dati. This killerlady is the present minister of the justice departement in France! If you don't know what she looks like check out her name on google and you will see and read what I mean. A few hours after she delivered her child she was back with her head at work. Once she had dropped off the kid at home with a nanny (or husband (?) or grandparent) she was heading back for work! Declining her right for materninty leave! GREAT job!!! She looked great that day: dressed in black, wearing high heels and a big smile! And that with still stiches in her stomach of the caesarian!

Time magazine and our national press wrote an article on her, stating mainly the facts and pointing out that this superwoman just makes other women looking weak! Some women have fought to get all the rights she now is declining. Many women will feel as if that they will have to able to do the same things as she did in order to look good! And trust me it is already happening around me. I know so many people that seem to be up and about whole the time to make it work. I know now more women that are not happy with their lives then men! But once a while it has to do with great expectations on the malesculine side!

And therefor I just love M so much. O has made it into the White House and he openly thanked M for that! 'She does everything that I can but then on high heels!' he said once about his wife. But you can be sure that M had to make up her mind to let O do his thing. At a certain moment she even had to get up very early to go to the gym. O was out and she was sitting there with two little girls. It must have been hard to make up her mind and that is perhaps the prize we now pay for all the womenrights that have been fought for.

M is also a woman with ambitions but she faced the truth very bravely and settled for less many say now! Well, less then is better! Out there there are more women that state now that they feel okay with being not superwoman. They don't want to be up and about to save the world and feel perfectly fine with just being a wife, a mother, a friend and a good employe but with no killer instinct! And these women feel neglected and consider themselves useless for the society.

Look at M her bodylanguage it tells enough! Her long arms just swing around when she gets on stage. It seems like she would love to make a strong signal with these arms that she is more then the wife of O. She still wants to be the woman that will make this work not just for O but for her whole family. M pointed out that this is an adventure! She still wants to give the children what they deserve and you can be sure that is not the private bowling alley or cinema!

I appreciate the women that have been up and about fighting for all the rights and that many public functions are open to us! But at what price! M knows that she has got to be carefull. She knows that when she will openly get too ambitious she might end up where Hillary ended where her darling husband made her go for a while! Some people asked her openly what her mission is once her husband is in the Oval Office. Her answer was rather not a straightforward!

But to me that was the best answer. M has the right to just be the woman that she is. She has nothing to proof! If she decides that she just want to drive her kids around and perhaps bake cookies for the next bakesale at their school, decorate the White House, trying to stay tuned with her husband and his job and giving him a massage now and then in Air Force One then that is fine with me. O will need her at his side. But you can be sure that M won't walk behind him. M is the cement in Household One!

She might do more then just the average but perhaps she will do it more silently. It is not the woman on high heels walking down the Elysée who wants to save the justice departement and her job who will gain my respect. No, all these women that make sure that their families feel good, feel loved, get the attention they deserve, keep the house warm and comfy, show real interest in everything and everyone that are the women that can save the world!

M is the first Lady and she will make sure that the words her husband has send into the world will have a chance to turn into reality. O mentioned values as a very important issues. Values make the person and we learn them where it starts all: at home! I think that all the women globaly that try to teach their familymembers values are the real superwomen of today.

So yes, Miss Dati you might got into the big league but it takes more then a black suit and high heels to gain my respect! Remember that also your beloved daughter Zohra will need a set of values to get around. Perhaps it is time that you ask your boss for M her phonenumber. She is the real expert and so are millions of women out there that deserve a round of applause because they want to be just heroes at the homefront.

Domestic goddesses around the world don't give up with baking cakes, ironing dozens of shirts, cleaning the bathroom, driving around the kids, work from nine to five for your monthly salary, do the grocery shopping, reading the gossip columns and ten thousand other useful things that make the difference for others!!! Being a mother is a full time job with no paycheck, company car or extra benefits but it is probably the most valuable job of all! RESPECT!!!

P.S.: By the time I have ended this piece of writing, the news got out that Dati was send off and will be on the list for the next European elections! Turned out a bit too much to handle afterwards, I guess! Have a nice evening Rachida and give Zohra an extra kiss! She will be happy for sure that you are home early!

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