donderdag 13 september 2012

Hiep Hiep Hoera Jip & Janneke

File:Jip en Janneke Zaltbommel.png

Just a very quick one because I pledged myself that I would go to bed rather early and this means before eleven.  Still I wanted to give two special persons the airtime they deserve on the day that fictional Bella Swan celebrates her 25th birthday and that my non-fictional lovely sis is celebrating hers . 60 years ago two little children entered the live of many and this by the means of illustrations and a rather straight forward but oh so recognisable story line: Jip en Janneke.

Yes, I know them because my grandmother bought me once a book in a Dutch department store and my son knows them as well because I ended up buying him the same book. Those two icons hang out now in many more places then just books.  Stickers, stamps, t-shirts, memory, candy, lunchboxes, shampoo and even lemonade.  Just name it and you will find it with them on it.  They have reached now the age of retirement but it seems that they still seem to be able to fascinate many.  Including the generation of who is told that they prefer digital toys and fast games above books.

Today I saw the force of 'Jip&Janneke' in front of me and I was amazed.  They still can go the distance.  Because let us be honest that you can silence 20 eleven year old ones is something extra ordinary.  So even in teaching Dutch to some demanding young students it seems that the classics still have a lot to tell.  Thank you Annie M.G. Schmidt for those amazing adventures  you wrote for these two and also a gigantic round of applause for Fiep Westendorp who came up with the design of these never going out of fashion story telling icons.  And where are the 'stroopwafels' to celebrate this special day?

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