maandag 18 november 2013

In the Teachers Lounge

"Looking to the future when this account may be read I can see there will be many advances and scientific discoveries that are uninmaginable at the present moment. However, the universe is so incredibly immense and human destiny so fleeting I can still see that you will be confronted by the same challenges as we are today. The desire for the good, the quest for human happiness will not be significantly different and putting one's mind to one's life will still serve a useful purpose. Common sense and self knowledge will still have currency and as you seek happiness the words of Shakespeare are worth bearing in mind:"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." 

"The G motto is "prĂȘt pour mon pays," and some of you may wonder what your country is. You should have less doubt about your family and not be caught in a linguistic quandary if your roots are mixed and your existence has been peripatetic. Your human destiny will have made some demands that it has made on your forefathers even if the circumstances are vastly different. Do not be of faint heart and whenever possible, do not brood on the past or dream idly of the future but keep your eye on the present - "Carpe Diem."

These wise word I read today on the message board in the teachers lounge. They were printed on a 'In Memoriam' card of a person that is very much missed by many at my workspot. These words were also created by this person and I have to say that they got under my skin.  I have to be honest with you  I never had the opportunity to meet this person. I have not a single clue what he/she was like before I read these words. It is like reading this suddenly has given me an insight into the brain of a person that has made an imense imprint on the heart of many people I work with.  It was while I was standing there that I suddenly wished I had known this person.  His/her legacy seems to be still at work in my school. 

I can't realy offer much comfort to the people who now miss this very special person who seems to have loved passionately languages and life.  But what I can do is trying to keep his/her wise words close to my heart. Because sooner of later I will come across this person while working with the people who worked with him/her. People I can already call colleagues and are very driven at what they do and what they believe in.  Some of these people always considered him/her their mentor.  For the people out there who have ever had a mentor or a person they looked up at I am sure you do get me...

That I have not never met this exceptional and inspirational person I do regret but I am very sure that what he/she left behind at my work spot is still alive and kicking.  He/she will be missed and I have seen very sincere emotions in the face of many people that I do feel also responsible to give my very best as a language teacher and trying to be a happy person and never hide from any challenge that I will encounter while working there or anywhere else.

Besides, words do matter, they can echo beyond a life time!!!  

PS.: I have choses a rather sad but also romantic song to go along with this entry.  The images are quite lounge like I do think. Laura Pausini her voice is after 20 years still able to touch my heart. I do prefer her in Italian but still....

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