vrijdag 7 juli 2017

So Long (Distance) My Friend

Sees the best in you and celebrates along

Witnesses the worst of you but does not judges

Laughs with you in the sun

Cries with you in the rain

Travels along to many unknown places

Creative in so many ways when you need some inspiration

Rests with your on a bench in the park in total silence

Gives you a ride when you need it the most

Dances through out the night till we feel out of breath

Stands there in the dark on your front door porch

Writes meaningful words on tiny pieces of paper

Speaks the truth even if it hurts

Picks out great presents that last for a life time

Unwraps presents with a contagious smile

Climbs with you the highest buildings in NYC
Shares sweets when you needed TLC

Picks out great outfits for any occasion

Gives style advice you can rely on

Cherishes the love for a city we both will never ever forsake

Discovers the silver lining in many things when there is thunderstorm going on in your heart



That one person I call a best friend

Long&distance will now be part of our friendship as well.

Two words that I would rather delete from my vocabulary

but then I do know so well

Life and friends are the unpredictable and unconditional canon of adventure.

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