maandag 8 juni 2009

Time out

Hey, like you can notice has this person not been that active on her blog. My major activity in my free time is studying and so blogging away is not on the menu. So please, forgive me that I will not be that active the next few days because this coming Friday I need to score.

It is only not that easy to combine all those daily functions with actually getting preped for a real exame! In one day I have to be a teacher, a mother, a wife and a student. And like one of my closest friends then poined out I also have to try to be myself! Not that easy to combine in a very straightforward way!

While I drove home I was wishing for one of those hard to get dreams. A butler, who would welcome me with the mail sorted out and then newpaper ironed along with cup of Nespresso, the house spic and span clean that your eyes hurt when you look into the mirror, in the kitchen a five star gourmet meal waiting to be digested in the company of P and A! On top of that a robot who wants to grade my latest tests and finally to wrap it up a personal wellness coach who gives me a well deserved shiatsu massage when I managed to finish my portion of wisdom to be copied and pasted in my brain!

Needless to say that these are only wishes and that I have to be happy to settle for P cleaning the house, A trying to keep himself busy without nagging, P and A settling for fast meals prepared in a rather speedy way and a bathtub filled up with Zwitzal Good Night bathing bubbles!

All I now need to do is studying and hope that on Friday that when I read the questions that I don't wish for not being there and prefer to be cleaning the house from top to bottom, preparing a five course meal, doing grocery shopping, doing the laundry, making lesson preperations and writing report cards, attending class meetings, unloading the dishwasher and tons of those other daily activities!

Please bear with me that this chapter will get a happy ending and that I can look forward to a rather cliché summer filled up with some nice ingredients and not that I have to drag along tons of studybooks to the beach or to Switserland when I am going to visit my sister L!

So I kindly ask you to keep your fingers crossed! Or light a candle for me! You never know if it might help! I'll be back asap as the student books can be ignored! Have to go! Can't resist the attraction of a book with the tittle: 'Organization Theory and Design'!
P.S.: Sorry for the rather 'sexist' cartoon but it was the only cartoon I could find with a wishing well! Don't worry in my student coursebook not once is mentioned that gender influences an organisation but guess twice what gender the author has got? No surprises there!

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Inge zei

Ik duim zeker en vast super hard. Ik hoop zo dat het goed gaat, want je hebt dat echt verdiend.
Ik bewonder het nog steeds dat je er zo hard bent ingevlogen en dat je dit voor jezelf wil waar maken.
Uitdagingen zoeken is één ding, ze ook effectief aangaan is iets heel anders.