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Last Friday N ended up on our couch in the company with some micro waved popcorn. We had first crashed into a Happy Meal at the Golden Arches. A had kept us company and then invited his godmother for spending the evening with him. They watched 'Madagascar 2' and he then gave her the complete guided tour of his bedroom and introduced some of his best friends that were hiding under his bed.

Once the lights were down and A had left for dream country we decided that we had to turn on the DVD-player for something more serious. So I got out'Twilight'! For some years now this title is popping up in every bookstore, webstore or website on books I have been on. Tons of people seem to have digged into this Vampire Saga but for some reason I just did not got the time to catch up with the hype.

I even have to state that the first 15 minutes that I saw Edward Cullen I did think he was a real creep! 'Is this the guy that so many girls have wild dreams about!' Uhm, I don't get this and what is it with vampires who call themselves 'vegetarian???!!!' N and I tried to understand this whole thing about them being a bit like Romeo and Julliette.

For me the movie only got into third gear once they had their first real outing high up in the trees. And it only got really going once the whole Cullen Family was properly introduced. Especially Carlisle and Esme who deserve so much more credit! Being the pater familias of a clan of blood thirsty vampire kids and coping day in day out with sick and in most cases also bleeding patients must feel like torture. He is the most compassionate of all and considers Bella a daughter the day he walks into the emergency room and finding out that his son saved her recklessly. Knowing that love can make the difference in every life even that one of a hunting vampire!

I have been in the state of Washington and I do remember that it can be so dark out there even when it is summer. The Starbucks coffee is a true blessing over there in order to survive the gloomy and wet days. At the same time the rough landscape can take your breath away. It gets under your skin! So once Edward and Bella went up on the mountains I did travel along. I then gave in!!! Yes,I did!!

Now I did finish reading the first book in a record time!! I do admit here also very openly that I skipped tons of pages in order to find the parts that I did like a great deal in the movie. By the time I got to the final chapters I was convinced that the book was a lot better then the movie.

I do now understand why so many young girls in my direct surroundings suddenly had the urge to read English books. Because once you get into this bloody love story you have to fight against a certain adrenaline rush. I did some surfing and was still amazed what this story is causing world wide. Over 6 000 000 fans on just one fanpage on Facebook, hundreds of fans who put together sometimes outrageously funny fan clips and numerous hits that make your head spin!

In a few moments I did found out that there is a whole Twilight world to discover! Millions of fans go wild over the Vampire story that the American Stephenie Meyer created while potty training her kids! She states that she had a very vivid dream about these creatures and had to write down what she thaught the story could look on paper!!

Well, guess she hit the jackpot that morning!!! JK Rowling must be eating her guts out by now! Bella and Edward are for the moment the most popular teenager lovers starring in a book. Me, being a bit older and being a bit less romantic about love passed on by a bite is having suddenly the urge to get the bottom of this!

When I asked my collegues if there was a possibilty I could borrow some of the copies their teenage daughters have at home, they all smiled but I never got a very easy yes to hear!! The most original response was of my beloved mentor G:'Those books are the best safe guarded item in our house and seem to be kept into a vault. They are even better secured items then the property act of our house! I don't know if they will ever let go of them? You better ask them for yourself!'

I do know that some people have been made fun of because the got caught reading these books. But I do think in every line many authors create there is an other story to read. While meeting the Cullens on page I met a family with very strong characters and trying to live up to the expectations of one man: Carlisle Cullen. He drags along more then 300 years of history under his belt with which he tucks away his heavenly blue shirts. Not a single time he underestimates the power of Bella or of any of his kids or opponent he meets.

As the patriarch of the family he is the catalyst of it all. According to his creator 'his compassion-motivated self-control is so incredible that it almost crosses the line into 'superpower'. Edward and the rest of his adoptive kids get the full treatment on the facts of life. In book two he states that he even believes in the existence of God! Quite shocking for a damned soul. Every time when he treats a patient (including Bella) he tries to use his force wisely.

We all have the ability to create or tresspass to a darker side. Many authors have created demons, monsters, alliens, murders (the list is long and distinguished) in order to take us on an inside trip of these hard to grip creatures. Well, Carlisle is for me the Jedi of the Vampire world. Yoda and he would get along very nicely. And if I come to think of it he must be one of the richest man 'alive. Believe it or not but he even made it into Forbes magazine. Beating fictional multi millionairs like Gatsby, the tooth fairy and Sir Topham Hat (Thomas Trains owner!)! (see here below)

Patience and being non-judgmental can be in this sometimes very outrageously world two very meaningful forces. I do not believe in vampires, I don't believe in vegetarian vampires, I don't believe in Bella her wish to become a vampire in order to be be linked for eternity to her soulmate. Guess that my love bug has already escaped but I do believe in Carlisle Cullen his drive to make out of this world a better place by using your talents and trying to make other people happy. And using tons patience to get it right out there. Those are, according to me, for sure some underestimated powers.

In case you might catch me red handed in a book store buying the exclusive bookset or discover me in a dark movie theater then please smile back. Chances are that I will be turning a bit red for shame. But hey, I do now admit it very openly that I am 'Twilighted'. Guess that the I am bitten by a fictional vampire! Doctor McDreamy you better move out of the way for Doctor Carlisle Cullen!!

P.S.: For all the young boys and men who will be forced into the movie theater by their girlfriends or spouses in order to see the next Twilight Movie, don't panic. The Cullens have an impeccable taste when it comes to cars!! You will love at least that bit of the movie! Promise!!! Cross my heart, hope to die! ;-))

P.S.: Check out this very funny inspired article on the Forbes site and click for the extra clip. The Forbes lady has clearly a hard deal to keep up a straight face when talking about the Cullens fortune!

http://www.forbes.com/2010/04/13/carlisle-cullen-bio-opinions-fictional-15-10-twilight.html?partner=email (copy and paste this)

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