vrijdag 11 juni 2010

Bent it for Mandela

Like mentioned in a post a long time ago football is not my sport. But there are a few exceptions when the ball hits the grass. One of them is the World Championship. Then I become suddenly one of those women who seem to get the whole thing about the black and white flying object. This year I even feel obliged to watch some matches because I do think that this time it will be a very exceptional championship.

South Africa is hosting them and so finally Africa gets to host this sports fiesta. You might wonder why this is so important for a country. But believe me for a nation like South Africa is about getting accepted on completely new level. Being able to play in the big league. For one get the opportunity to show your nation unified and showing the whole world what you are worth.

When thinking about South Africa many words come to my mind but for sure Nelson Mandela is one of them. They day he found out that the cup was coming to his country and was asked what he felt like his respons was:'Well, I feel back like a 15 year old boy!' He showed then his so cute smile and his face was so radiant that you were tempted to put on your sunglasses! The least you could say was that he felt proud!

Okay, the press has been all over while they were getting ready. Stations that were not getting ready, hotels that seemed not to get fully booked because let us be honest this colorful country has not the nicest crime statistics. It did not got even better when I tried to find out the names of the players of their national team! Googling was not an option because the hits were a bit confusing. When I checked with friend of ours who adopted a lovely South African girl they told me that they still had no 11 men dressed in shorts!

Yesterday night Shikira shaked her hips and did many colorful africans showed their best moves on stage. Today the kick off took place in Jo'burg and did we got to hear and see the colorful audience that filled up a brand new station. Amongst them tons of important Fifa people and the very cheerful arch bischop Desmund Tutu! He looked football all over. But no Nelson Mandela. It was rather a bit sad to see thousands of people witnessing that occasion without him being present. Like they were missing their biggest fan!

Turns out that today of all days Nelson lost one of his great grandchildren in a car accident. Their car seemed to be on the way back home after the kick off concert! While 22 men out there were running wild for one rolling object this national hero must have experienced very deep going emotions.

But now it is time for football and that the best team may win. I still not know who I am going to cheer for and therefor I will be watching a movie instead of a game. Because as long as I have not made up my mind who to cheer for I want to stay impartial.

So tonight I will be cheering for Jessminah and Julliette in 'Bent it like Beckham'! But then I do think that watching a movie about football on the opening evening of the world championship is still quite an achievement! I am looking forward to seeing tons of hot men with sexy legs in shorts! Also I bet that it will be eassier to find a team to cheer for then to make up my mind about who I am going to vote for this coming Sunday! Perhaps I should take one of those vuvuzela horns to the ballot station. Then at least I will get them to listen for once!!!

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