zondag 26 september 2010

I Am Trying...

I am trying but I can't seem to find the time to compose a blogpost. The last two weeks have been so hectic and filled up with many activities that I am just too caught up in time. For the moment I would prefer to be a full time author instead of having to keep up with so many things and people. Not that I am tempted to compose now a few 'exciting'posts but they would never live up to the personal 'high' standards I have set.

The 'bad' news is that next week I won't find time either to type away. Stallie will be abroad! On Tuesday she is boarding for Rimini, Italy! Meeting up with international educational staff! In between very tiring and for sure also interesting meetings and visits I will try to catch some breath with a nice glass of Italian wine, a filled up plate of spaghetti or pizza and some 'gelato' for dessert. 'Torte Della Nonna' would top it all off!

Still, these are the kind of projects were you find out that European democracy is in practice a lot harder then you ever imagine. And that diplomacy is a gift not many people are granted. I will have to try being 'Elasti-girl'for sure if it comes down to getting across a certain issue we are already dealing with for months! Not to mention the fact that having to listen to many foreign languages and intrepetors can wear me out mentally! Trying to listen carefully and stay tuned is for sure one of the biggest challenge the coming few days!

I will be tempted to blog but in this case I will be asked to do this for the common cause and not for my own benefit. This is if we do have access to the internet and it works. On a previous Comenius trip we were not granted that promised hotel service. It already causes me stress to think we arrive at a hotel were they will just tell us very plainly that they won't grant us access to their fantastic internet unless we pay extra for it. On their website they tell their future guests they have got free WiFi The outragously 'funny' excuses they come up with is that this is only fictional or that their webmaster has 'forgotten' to update their website! Yeah, right!

Stallie has also some issues with packing her suitcase this time. Travelling light is the ultimate mission before boarding the plane at Charleroi airport. Uhm, that is like telling Stallie she can only pack a toothbrush and some underwear. Not to mention the fact that buying a bottle of Limoncello or some fridge magnets as Italian souvenirs will be out of the question! Books won't be an issue this time because I am still working on my level of Italian. So, guaranteed no extra 'book-weight on this trip!

The worst of all is that my faithful tiny camera did just pass away! While being on the annual family weekend of the YCC A was so nice to drop my camera on the very old and wooden floor of Vianden Castle. The castle itself is worth a detour but I won't recall it as being a hallmark visit. Because it does now stand for the place where my camera just gave up after six very long years and keeping me company all over the world. Not a single experienced cardiologist was able to perform succesfully CPR on it! AHHHH!!! That I will be boarding with no camera in my carry on luggage will make me feel rather naked! I will have to try being content with the shots my colleagues will shoot! Still, nice luggage-wise because less weight and more room for bottles of Limoncello!

So, after a manic Monday in which I will try to prepare many for me being absent for almost a week I will boarding the plane to meet up with happy educational crowth. Some I will only meet for the first time. Others I will be hugging and kissing (according to their National cultural heritage and kissing code!!) for a 2nd time. Trying to remember who only prefers handshakes is an other issue!

Seems I will be trying many things the next few days and I will also try to keep in mind the many things and thaughts I do wish to write about but just don't have time for. Uhm, seems that I have just composed a post and my intentions were to only try to keep it short. Oh boy, packing is going to be so damn hard if this even already turns out to be a disaster!

P.S.: I am heading for the country where many lovely things come from! Besides 'Romeo&Julia' and many other 'sexy' people it is the home country of Laura Pausini. She is Stallie her all time favorite carmusic performers. When cruising on the Belgian highways I am singing along with her. Yes, I do know that I sing off key for sure. But I am on my own in a car so I don't care a fig! I will be trying to copy some of the vocab she has tried to teach me but chances are that I am using them in the complete wrong context! After all, I am only trying......

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Inge zei

Stallie, gene stress! Alles komt goed! Jullie gaan geweldige ervaringen op doen, genieten, lekker eten, een drukke tijd tegemoet, ... Maar het wordt weer een ontmoeting om niet te vergeten!

Marina zei

Have a wonderful trip and staying in Italy! Thanks for your wishes about my birthday which was the worst day of my life this year. I was in Greece and not for a good reason. I'll post my story when I'll be ready to talk about it!