vrijdag 3 september 2010

In a Nutshell

I could blog about many things! Still, back to school means also that there will be not that much time as wished for to blog away. So in order to manage my time a bit more efficiently I will try to share with you in a nutshell what Stallie current affairs passed by the last few days:

- My first day back in front of filled up benches and tons of teenagers who were already putting me to the test. Some of them were ready to take the bar exam! They were cross-examining me the whole time when we were going through the general regulations booklet! Was tempted to open my class room door and force them to run numerous laps around the nicely landscaped patio! 'Dead Poet Society'- tactics will be part of my teaching tactics when these kids are pushing it a bit too far!

- A his first days @ Elementary school and me screwing up as a mother! On the 1st of September I already totally lost it! The word 'ik' will never be the same again at this house. But the homework part in combination of being a mum-teacher is rather hard. The first pencils were killed by me because they made less soft landings on the floor of our living room! Thanks to N&M I finally managed to let go.

- My too early mornings when I met up with a zombie in the bathroom mirror. I still manage to keep up the promise to take care of myself a bit more. Make-up is now an essential of the whole morning routine. And yes, I made it also to F, my hairdresser, who took care of my distressed hair. The moment he planted his shiny pair of scissors in my messy hair I felt quite relieved.

- Forgetting to take my stomach medicine and then have to say no to coffee for a whole day. For one day I felt like I could just sleep while standing! Not that the it's five star quality coffee that is to be found in the teacher's lounge but I do need that one cup as a kick off. Boy, was I happy when the day came to an end!

- Traffic pains! Stallie is very mean once she gets into her car. You better watch out for the moment she passes by and you are planning to make your car do something that seems to be out of place on the road. Friday traffic was the most painful of all. Stallie was so bitchy the moment a shiny Volvo with two people dressed up in power suits made a u-turn and was begging to get in front of me (behind me there was a major traffic jam!!!! I was already standing there for half an hour!) I was tempted to call the driver names that can't be posted here! P still does not get that he has to grant me a cool down moment once I got out of the car. So the result was that the car crashes I escaped from took place in our kitchen!

- My 'newborns' and the observation process! The 1st of September my classroom was visited by many. Seemed that my class was the place to hang out. There are some very interesting new ones that by just taking one glance at you know that it will be James Bond Action once in a while! The ones with ASS are the always the ones that will grant you the biggest teaching challenge ever. The files I get to read for the moment take me to a different & very intriguing world!

-Eilio di Rupo who hangs out a lot at the Royal Palace! Still no government! The newspaper (that I get to read on P his shiny and cool iPad) I sometimes wish to delete because for the moment I feel so allienated by what I can read in there. Reading about national politics is for the moment like reading the Bible story of the Tower of Babel! And don't start me on the whole Brussels issue! That topic manages to drive me insane!! P says he even can tell by just observing my body language that I am very anxious and ill-temptered by the political play ground that I get to see on TV and read up on in the news articles!

Now, it is weekend and I can't wait to meet up with my old and new friends at the bookclub. Nicola's bookclub is meeting up this Sunday to discuss the four humorous books we covered for the Summer read! I am tempted to tell these booklovers 'pure sange' that I have reading the Twilight Saga on top of these four! Still, I do not know if this is such a good idea. After all, I do not wish to be evicted from my favourite club! Stallie is going to enjoy her first weekend as a teacher and the best news of all I have Mondays off! At least one day that you can safely make u-turns on the Belgians roads without having to put up with Stallie her outspoken body language!! Because even with some make-up on this is not the prettiest side of my personality to meet up with!

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Inge zei

Relax Stallie, we zijn nog maar begin september hé!

Fie zei

Mooi, maandag vrij, terwijl ik op die dag de volledige zeven uur mag uitdoen :-) anderzijds ben ik er dan wel va naf voor de rest van de week. Dan is er vanaf dinsdag al meer ademruimte! Het mini-dossiertje dat we reeds te lezen kregen, heeft ook mij al aan het denken gezet! Ik heb alvast een extra oefeningetje voorzien voor morgen! Tot dinsdag dan...? Groetjes! en geniet morgen hé!

Marina zei

Everything will go ok with A!!! Don't worry! You just think what all mums around the world think about their children. Give him love and your help wherever he needs to and let time does its job(...and teachers!!!).
After everyday "come and go" with the subway, I can say I'm an expert of the metro!LOL! I still wonder how I mixed the lines that day...