vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Bitten By An Apple

Yesterday morning I drove to work and the first thing that I did find out after turning on the radio was that Steve Jobs did pass away. Next to me was lying my iPhone and I was so tempted to call P. After all it is my other significant one who got my totaly adicted to Apple objects. And believe me he had to go the distance because I did had some reservations at the time. But then I decided that I was not going to as I wanted to be myself for a few minutes to reflect about what that news was going to have on the IT-world and to the Apple community in general.

It is very strange to witness what happens when an unique human beings exchanges the life on earth for the eternal haunting fields. At work only a few colleagues made a comment aboout Steve passing away. Only after work hours I did find out what was going on in the world who was trying to come to terms with this news. Okay, we all die. Steve Jobs was very aware about that fact. During the memorable Commencement speech he gave to the graduates of Stanford University he was very straight forward about that. And yes, he is right that even the people that look forward to go to heaven hate to having let go of the life they created down here.

When I got home P and I tried to read up on Steve, we both were still surprised what we found on the world wide web. On Facebook many statussen were to be found that could be linked to him and many posts were links to many memorable speeches, moments, objects, pictures. It seemed that this human being managed to touch the life of many.

Yes, the company who became a major player in the IT-world got boosted thanks to his creativity, stamina, love for beauty and simplicity and the urge to find something that is bit different but will make your life nicer in many ways found their way into our house. A loves to play games on the the rectangular with a touch screen and the first secret number combination he ever learned was the one he needed in order to unblock that awesome device.

I have a very close relationship with my white lap top who manages to stimulate my creativity and create new worksheets, blog entries and create picture albums and tweet away. I must admit that this computer has still not given away all its secrets but that it is because you do need to think differently about a computer when working on one of those. And iTunes in combo with my tiny square with imensely powers to save my music and tune up my life is for sure the best that every invested money in musis wise.

I am not going to tell you what the A-effect on P is. That is beyond words and only can be understood when you see it in action yourself. Sometimes it frightens me even a bit because P without an A-inspired object seems to equal insanity. I have seen P so many times happy when he got close to something with the most known apple on it.

Inspiring people seem to be able to leave behind an imprint on others their lives. Putting Steve Jobs in to a box is not something that can be easily done because he is for sure a league of his own. So yes, Steve Jobs will be missed in many ways but the legacy he left behind is for sure one that can make us think differently about many objects and subjects. And what he also managed to do was to make you look at the world with different eyes. Uhm, so every time when I see now P being busy and making a mess in the garage he might be on the verge to change the world for the better. Yeah right!!!

P.S: P asked me to send a message to rememberingsteve@apple.com like many did or will do the following days. These are the words I left in the name of the three of us behind in order to thank the person who made us take a big bite into an apple whose aftertaste ables us to stay hungry and foolish for a very long time.

Thanks for the times that you went against those who did say you might be wrong.
Thanks for the times that you noticed beauty in simplicity.
Thanks for the times that you were just the guy from around the corner when you talked about great inventions and memorable moments.
Thanks for the times that you choose for an apple above a pear.
Thanks for the times that you believed in others their ability to create something unique.
Thanks for the times that you stayed hungry and perhaps still a bit foolish.

We will in many objects that now have become part of our daily lives remember you.

Heaven awaits the arrival of a great genius.

Stallie ,P & our son A (7 years old) who all three got bitten by an Apple for a life time.

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rahul aggarwal zei

i wasn't bitten by the apple till date but was unhappy to know the person who made apple an addiction to the world, passed away to the doors of iheaven!!!