maandag 23 april 2012

Keeping up the dancing mood

Dance Like No One's Watching
Go on get you groove on
dance like on one's 

watching there's no need to 

be shy dance dance 
there's nothing stopping you.

You must be fearless and courageous.
There's nothing to it just pick 

up the beat and let loose 
desires of your body to move freely

and dance dance dance like 
one's watching for it's your moment

to shine
Krazy Rae
Because for the moment many project are taken up so many mental time of me is blogging something I seem to neglect.  But in my mind I am many times out here.  
I will try to make up for the lost stories this summer, it is a promise.
For now I wish to point out that even I am having it not always that easy that dance is still one of my healing powers.  

Momentarily I do feel like I have to catch my breath once in a while, sit down and take deep breaths, do some more stretching in order to feel less tensed,  face the fact that my body still needs time to adopt itself to the movements.  The recital was great fun, had a wonderful time backstage and I for sure felt that it was a good decission to go back.   I found there so many things that I had missed for years.  I also learn to face that I have changed, that my body is not the same anymore. It has a story to tell and it is visible when I am dancing.

Yes, I am still not at the top of the staircase where I wish to be.  I still need to work at some things to feel in balance.   But I don't give up.   In a way I don't mind spending some time at the bottom of the stairs and taking a good look at what I have managed to do in the last 8 months.   The blue dress that is now hanging in my wardrobe as a reminder.  It is a heavenly color and that is the feeling that I wish to pursue when I am out there.

And yes I will dance when nobody sees me because it is then that I feel the power back running through my veins and my spirit is light.

Hoping you are all not having such wet & cold April like  n these part of the the woods.  And that May will bring us some more moments to shine in the sun. 

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