dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Beyond Repair

Peace Free 499282

There is the bad news.
I still try to put my mind at ease that there is still hope lurking around the corner;
There are acts of violence that are crying out for revenge.
I still try to find the power to choose compassion and forgiveness.
There are tears, anger, loss, fear, ...
I still make my heart fill up with strength.
There are moments that the world does not make sense at all.
I still try to understand both sides to any story.
There is silence when there should be ear deafening outcries of injustice.
I still put my faith in the hands of politicians and diplomats who do have the power that I seem to lack.
There are useless acts of violence that destroy dreams, hopes and so much more.
I still try to help out where I can even when it might be like a water drop on a hot plate.
There are those days that you wonder where the world has come to.
I still grant many the benefit of the doubt.
There is that one image that burns on your retina that screams war, terrorism and violence.
I still will try to offer words of comfort.
There is a lot of pointing fingers and choosing sides.
I still try to be Switzerland even if this means forsaking my principles in the hope many will benefit all.
There is a lot of famine and people who have to get through a day without water.
I still hand over the homeless people something extra in the hope that he/she will be able to fill his/her stomach.
There is the uppercut of weapons that cause destruction beyond repair.
I still hope that my act of unconditional kindness can make the difference.
There are many that tell that something can not be changed.
I still try to find that one spark of firework that can give someone wings
There is pollution in many forms and shapes that makes our blue planet a less health spot to take deep breaths on.
I still keep recycling and picking up that empty can that someone else has 'forgotten' to throw in a bin.
There are outbreaks of virusses and illnesses that claim major loss and call for an immidiate cure.
I still support big but also small charities so that one day in a lab a gigantic break through might take place.
There are many ways that creativity and culture is misunderstood and are not given the space it deserves.
I still try to live with a very open mind and give anybody the chance he/she deserves.
There are many words said that cause hardship, pain, distress and misunderstanding.
I still try to speak up and stand up when I feel there is unjustice taking place.
There is the moment that lines are crossed and innocent lives end up in turmoil.
I still try to focus on what could be the way out of any conflict and help others to follow my path.
There is a permanent state of despair, destruction, terrorism and conflict.
I still whisper words of peace in many languages even in the darkest hours of the night.


There is that moment once in a while that the world is beyond repair.
I still.....

PS: Sting performed this the evening after what happened in NYC on 9/11.  I guess that he refuses to loose his faith no matter what.  Something that I consider the ultimate challenge in the 21st century.

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