zaterdag 20 december 2014

I Love My Job!

It is the holiday season and for the moment I am even germ free. I did battle a serious cold just about a week ago and this might mean that for once I will not have a germ filled up holiday season.  One that I have been longing for.  The last few weeks seemed to be just going and going on.  Since September my work load has changed.  Stallie is almost back full time in a school and she did expect not a very easy comeback after being years a person who had cut down on hours for numerous reasons.

The thing is that I do love my job and that loves goes the distance.  There are days that I even love the whole damn bit about it. Even all the things that sometimes make go in overdrive.  Just to give you bit of an idea what can not even make me change my mind about my job:

-A coffee machine that will not work because it ran out of coffee: can be lethal in my case because this teacher needs a caffeine shot before facing the troops.
-A photo copy machine that refuses to work or just runs out of paper when you have just a split second left before show time.
-A hole puncher or stapler who falls apart when preparing worksheets for students and that you know you will get comments about it not being the case.
-A marker that refuses to work when you want to come up with a great board sheme to explain the conjugation of the verb 'zijn' and have 25 student in front of you sitting and you would rather throw that maker all over the place but have to keep in check and then try to explain it without the board.
-A computer who has got a black screen in one room and then refuses to synch with the projector in the other room and then totaly seems to let you down when not charging in the docking station of your office.
-A hard disk that refuses to save your oral exam while in front of you a student is sitting and you start to sweat and your cheeks look even more red then blush I carry along in my hand bag.
-A lunch line that is not moving fast enough to your liking because you have a duty and first want to have a nice hot lunch before facing the cold, rainy & windy weather.
-A cash machine that refuses to 'eat' my 20 euro bill what means that I will go without lunch and the people amongst you who know me personally know what effect that has on me.  No food in my system might mean a teacher who goes easily in overdrive.
-A overhead projector who seems to have a total off day when you have planned a lesson involving the use of it. You then stare at a black screen and I wonder what you have done in order to deserve this.
-A student who expresses its dislike for your subject and you would rather love to hang out on a Hawaian beach with a fruity cocktail and covered under sun screen but instead try to make this student see that knowing an additional language will make him/her a more interesting person.
-A car park that is full and you are forced to park a 5 minute walk from your work due to the fact that they are adding something to our campus that will surely add to  my educational hot spot some sportive atmosphere.  My shoes relfect what my walks are like but I try to picture myself in less then 2 years diving into the water of that spot and that makes up for all the dirt and stains that I now drag along.
-A power cut who turns your usually nicely cozzy and friendly work spot into a dark and rather less warm place to hang out.   (But I have to admit that one day at work without the interference of a mailbox was a positive side effect of something negative!)
- A wasp that decided that the Dutch office was the best spot to hang out.  Yes, the secret vault containing sweet delights makes it a very nice place to be in but Stallie in combo with this insect is not such a winning combination.  Nope,it not got out alive and my paper work is proof of what happened to them.  
-An umbrella who refuses to cooperate when you need to walk to your car after school and by the time you get there your not so waterproof office bag and your hair look like they could use a full make over.  And then have I not mentioned the paperwork inside of the bag that feels rather like it just went for a swim!  
-A voice that decides to take some time off in the beginning and you rather sound like a character out of 'Alvin&the Chipmunks'. I then consider myself not the most efficient teacher ever because if one of your most valuable teaching tools fails then you would rather run to your GP to ask for a few days off. But I am a diehard and then you decide that you will make it work whatever is heading your way. Hey, a few germs don't keep me away from doing what I love doing but it just won't get done as smoothly.

I could go on but I assume that you all get the picture and that I am just very happy when it comes down to my job.  Okay, I am very happy that I can now can have bit a longer sleep and not having to react to my alarm clock that starts to produce noise at an hour you rather wish to hide under the duvet and have nice dreams about beaches or pool bars.  My body and mind were already for a few weeks telling me that they needed some time to recharge.    So now they have arrived the holidays and I am very happy to enjoy some time that I am nobody's teacher but you can rest assured that when 2015 is a fact that I will be back, refreshed and ready to kick some *** in and beyond my class room!  And to all the bad moments or days that are heading my way... I don't easily give up when it comes down when it involves education&love.

PS: Song 1 is very straight forward and song 2 I have chosen because A loves Alvin and when I was battling my cold and tried to produce some sound it did sound a bit similar to these three amigos. 

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