zondag 5 april 2015

Easter Impressions

It is the Sunday that calls us to go outside 
and to show up in the spirit of hope.

On this specific day nature shows its power and 
you suddenly see how the daffodils and tulips can be 

It is the morning the grass is casting away
the winter blues.

The Sunday that is worthy of its name 
because we then all dive into something divine.

The day that laughter 
and the sound of cracking eggs 
fill up the heart of not only the young ones.

That one specific date on the calendar 
we all whisper for peace of mind.

Rays of sun who tell you 
there is something awaiting around the bend
It might be still not visible for the eye 
and even your heart might even deny its existence.

But undoubtedly that one day that will 
always tell you that resurrection takes place
all around you.  

P, A & Stallie wish you all close or not that close by a lovely Easter.

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