zondag 5 oktober 2008

Goodbye bad hairdays!!!

I have a very biased relationship with my hair. These strings that are attached to my head seem to create a certain love and hate relationship. And for the moment there is a war going on between me and them. And after a few lost battles with the classical weapons eg shampoo, conditioner and hair masks I decided that there were desperate measures needed.

For the people who know me my hairdo most of the time is very down to earth, just all my hair hold together by a band. The reason I do that is that I am not the most handy person to cope with them in the mornings. When I walk into the bathroom and face the mirror I sometimes encounter a person who would be ready to star in the next Frankenstein movie!

Most hairdressers that I have visited around the world keep telling me that I have gorgeous hair and that I am blessed with that much hair. Well, if I would have a hairdresser living in my closet I would start out many occassions in a different mood. A few summers ago I had the sublime idea to let them grow. So then at least I could look like the girls out of all those hair commercials. Nivea, Pantane, L'Oreal and many more I was going to test out with hopeful the promised result. In the beginning I loved it and saving out money nice as well. My nice hairdresser F caressed them now and then and gave me tips to keep them into shape!

But one day things turned rather ugly! After the wonderful scalp massage I was ready for my wonderful curls that I asked for in order to attend a formal dinner party. F had done this many times before and was ready to attack my hair with all the brushes he had!!! But suddenly he looked rather concerned. By now there were four brushes attached to my head and F wanted get one out in order to create glamourous curls. That seemed not be going an easy job because the brushes were not coming out that smoothly. He was standing there with a painful grim on his face and I knew that my hair was in bad shape.

Knots, knots, and more knots!! My hair was almost a puzzle for the genius level. I felt rather down and I knew that my hair was screaming for a cut. So I decided after some thaught that F or A could use their sissors and try make them knot free.

While you are reading this I am sitting in a chair in front of a mirror and there will be hair all over. Hopefully will be the result one I can live with. Especially in the mornings because now getting up was rather a painful experience. Ofcourse, I am still envious of all these women that seem to have no hair problems and look like they just walked out of a magazine but I will have to settle for less!!! But isn't there a famous fashion statement that states:'Less is more!!'

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