vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

Obtaining Student ID: Mission Impossible!!!

Okay, I knew that going back to the university wouldn't be a smooth ride! But the last few weeks I had the impression that I was driving into the jungle and it was rather a mudy drive. I remember that when I was a teenager and decided to become smarter that my mum and I drove to Leuven. There a very friendly lady asked me what I wanted to do and in about ten minutes time I was the proud owner of a student card!!!

Well, times change and before you consider going out there to obtain that shiny card let me warn you.: it will take a bit longer then 10 minutes! I went to see two advisors, made tons of phonecalls, mailed many questions, surfed the internet for hours and went to some classes to make up my mind. Once I did that I thaught that it was going to be so damn easy!

Progress at university is that you can do some administration by computer. So last Friday instead of spending in my bath tub I tried to fill out my forms!! It took quite some time and longer then writting my first college notes. The next step was going to the university to enroll. Well, when I got there I had my next shock. Tons of people that had planned to the same thing at the same time. And big surprise half of them spoke a different language. It sounded like I was standing in line at the travel agency to book my flights!

When it was my turn, a very nice lady checked out my diploma and turns out that from the four that I have they only needed one!! I felt rather a bit stupid there: being 34 and only need the proof that I went to high school! Then suddenly they couldn't find my file anymore! Meaning all the work I had done at home just had vanished into thin air! The line behind me grew longer and I almost lost it! Hey, this is supossed to be eassier then 15 years ago!

They finally were able to retrace it and then explained to me that I still was not enrolled because my programme had to approved by the departement of educational studies! So all I got when I left was a paper and a little card to activate my digital file! Surprise, they had given me the wrong card and so nothing worked. Two phonecalls and 24 hours later and many hits and misses to find the right codes for my courses, I now have found what I was looking for!

It might stil take some weeks before they will mail my own personal card. I still own my old one but that looks like a real antique and rather fake!! The other problem with it is that I look 15 years younger on it!!! They might refuse me class entrance when they compare image and reality! So I better look 34 in that picture!!!

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