woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Coats, phones and underwear!

A needs to be prepared for climate change!!! So, we decided, being very concerned parents, that we were going to make sure that he was ready to face the next snow storm or flood. Because he is still growing A is quite a big spender. Every season again P and I end up in numerous kids stores to buy pants, underwear, pjs, shoes, t-shirts, socks, shirts and also jackets!

The last item is rather a catchy one. I am not a big believer when people (in most cases too commercial inspired ladies) tell me that I shouldn't wait too long when the new collections have arrived!! But even my inlaws had told me not to wait too long. Yes, they are very concerned that their beloved grandchild might turn into an icestickle!

September was rather a wet and windy month. Then you wear a rainjacket and A had one of those. So no need to run to a shop! Once the temperatures went down for real I told P that we now had to hit the road. I made a mental list of the outfits A needed to be dressed for success on the play ground!

Well, was I wrong!!! The moment we walked in I realised that a wintercoat was far out of reach! Or I had to settle for a coat that was two sizes too big. A looked like a mummy in it and P hated the color!! Still, there were other things on the list. By now A had found the kid's corner and was playing quietly. A real angel!!!! P and I started to look for the right sizes and colors. The shop lady seemed to ignore us and kept to herself in the back of the shop. Not that I was minding that because all things were quiet and going according to plan.

Suddenly this couple walks in with a kid and exactly the same plan. A had to share his toys and we our corner! Imagine four people standing in one corner searching for clothes and aiming at same colors and seizes!! P started to back out quite fast. 'If you want, we can go somewhere else.', he wispered into my ears. I gave him a rather stern look, because it was four o'clock on a Saturday and I was not going to drive around for hours!

By now I had picked out two t-shirts and one pair of pants. A had to fit those for sure. His waist looks like he doesn't get any food at home, meaning that most of the time he runs around holding up his pants. Belts are still out of question because then the pee will end up not where it should!

A and his new friend seemed to get along nicer then their parents. They were calling each other over the phone. There was only one toy-phone but A was holding an other toy to his ear and screaming words into it! My stress level was going up because A was not going of the phone that easily. He only walked into the fitting room after P pushed him into that direction. Tension was rising and also the mother of the other kid started to get rather tensed. 'Please,T be quiet!, Come one T, don't do that!!! Pay attention, T!'

P was having a hard time with A trying out his pants. From the behind the curtain many sounds came. T and A didn't seem to mind all the commotion. A peeked through the curtain still holding on to his imaginary phone and kept on talking. 'Hey boy, I will be back very soon and then we can play!', he said. P was holding him firm trying out all the pants I could find. By number four A had seen enough and ran out into the shop in his red underpants!!! And he kept on talking into his phone!

You might wonder where the owner of the shop was? Well, still in the back minding her own business! Only when she saw the red underwear she came over and asked if we needed any help!! Yeah, right!!! 'No, I am afraid that you are too late for a winter coat in his size!' We grapped the items that A seemed to fit, paid and wanted to leave. A was the only one who still wanted to stay running around in his underwear!! My face started to feel like a red balloon, that was ready to explode!!!

T was also having a rather hard time with his parents in the fitting room because he seemed to have forgotten in which opening his body parts had to go!! A went over and said that he had to go!! T's mother seemed not to care, his father was standing there like a statue (I guess, only called when needed, meaning to pay!) and T waved his new friend goodbye!!

And yes, we drove to an other store! There we also found out that we were rather late for a coat. There only was one left: a blue sailing coat with a whisle, fluorescent stripes and a compass! P and I had doubts about that one but A showed obviously approval by smiling and jumping up and down. 'Yes, this one I want!' P shrugged and got his wallet out! The nice shop lady made us feel content as well by assuring us that this was a good coat because it was not only windproof but also could stand tons of water!!! Yeah, I will be sure to find A when there is tense fogg and by a flood he won't get wet! I only now had to teach him how to blow a whistle!

Five minutes later, we all were back in the car driving home. All content and ready to face the wet and windy autumn!!! I just know two things. One: that red underwear can make lazzy shop assistants move and two: that it is really the truth: wintercoats you buy in summer!!!

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Dat vind ik nu straf! En toen ik de laatste week van september voor een jas ging zien, dan kreeg ik te horen dat ik te vroeg was. Het is ook nooit goed. Gaan al die mensen dan exact op 1 oktober een jas kopen of zo?