vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

Anyone for tennis!?

In about 4 days I will fly across the Swiss border and check out the new home base of my little sis L! Can't wait to wander around in the streets of Zürich and get lost in a new city to discover the hidden treasures! Already checked out the weather forecast and will need to take an umbrella but I don't mind this time because I will take my mum along. So it will be the three ladies out there and that is already so great. For my mum it is the first time that she will be back on a plane since dad died! On top of things it is also the premiere of a trip that she will spend with her two daughters! Can't wait and I will for sure have plenty to write about once I am back.

While I am out there there in the home country of tennnis legend Roger Federer there will be on other very happy tennis event going on: the official comeback of Kim Clijsters in the WTA!!! Yes, I am still a fan! Many people have wondered why I still have not written a piece about her. Well, the fact is that I just can't seem to find the words to realy describe her in a few sentences.

Believe it or not but I already knew her name before many other people combined her with a tennis racket. Due to the fact that my dad did spend every Saturday with friends who already were convinced of the her talent. It was the time that Dominique Monami and Sabine Appelmans traveled through the tennis world with a Belgian passport. My dad was a die hard fan and he even called in during surgery to have my mum keep him update while these ladies tried to play serve and volley!

My dad could rave on about Dominique because she was so little and but had that look in her eyes that only winners have. I did consider her for a very long time the best tennis player we had and I just adored her little steps the took while walking back to the baseline. When she won the Olympic bronze medal in doubles I was really happy for her. That this Walloon born girl could actually speak Dutch and gave such funny sounding interviews just made it even better. For me that lady really opened up the possibilties for all the other tennis girls that came after her. Her modesty, flair, urge to win, personal style and most of her so sincere smile were her true hallmarks. The little fist she showed when she had hit one of her winners was like she showed that this little nation was stronger then it considered itself!

So when Kim and Justine followed in her footsteps I was a bit sceptical. That Kim was born in Bilzen (I know P, she does now live in your hometown Bree!!! )did not give her extra credit. The two of them had to win my trust that they really were up to the test. Justine did that when John McEnroe raved about her backhand and announced himself being a fan. Kim did this the day played against Jennifer Capriati in the finals of Roland Garros! I remember that day so clearly. It was a nice sunny day and very nice temperatures and Belgium seemed out there to cheer her on. The match turned in a teetch clencher and although Kim did fight till the very last seconde she did loose that match.

BUT that day Belgium entered centre court to stay for a very long time. We suddenly were granted access to Wimbledon, the US-Open and the Australian Open and not a single reporter seemed to doubt about the talent of this girl! Kim Clijster won over many hearts out there and many collegues considered her the nicest player on the circuit. Even Venus and Serena were nice to her.

When Kim decided to take a time out in order to get married, become a mother, say goodbye in a proper way to her dad and giving her body a break I just sensed she was going to come back. Very soon there were rumors and already some people said that 2009 was going to be the year that tennis was going to be back on her menu. Also some sceptical souls wondered why she wanted to do this. It won't be that easy to face back the racket, the yellow flying objects, the 'mean' opponents and the fact that your body did grew a bit older! For the money she does not need to do this? So why?

Does it matter? Kim seems to know why! Personal I think that is the only thing that is important. Does she really have to give us a reason why she wants to play again, put her cute daughter (and does she look like her mother!!!!!) Jada on a plane and travel again in order to find out if her body can still manage to run wild after a flying object and hit it back the hardest way possible in order to win a game, set and match? Only Kim knows why, she senses something that made her decide to do this. So to answer the question her above? Anyone for tennis? Kim for sure!!!!

I can't wait to see the 'new' Kim on the court. Just hope that the average tennis fan will have some patience with her. The night of the game I will be sound asleep while Kim will be back facing her first love: tennis! On the opposite side will be standing the number 12 of the world. Bartoli is not an easy walk over. Kim even thinks she might not win her very first 'real' match but she is ready to face that fact.

So once more I want to thank Brian, her husband, that he gave Kim his blessing. Knowing that he also had to make some sacrifices (giving up your own sports ambitions in order to support your wife!!) he gains my respect as well. Personal it does not matter to me that she might not win this very first though match. I am already afraid of the newspapers that will call her comeback a nightmare! Kim deserves a bit more credit then that and we should be grateful that she wants go back out there. And God, I am grateful that I still drive my little Opel Corsa Kim Clijsters version!!! Love the woman, love the car, love the game!! So all she has to do now is hit that ball and feel the passion! You go girl!!!

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