maandag 3 augustus 2009

In need for a read?

When Nicola's announced some time ago that she was going to have to close down her bookshop I did feel let down. Yes, I did because at that moment I felt that the economic crisis also had hit my life. While the news was sinking in I was facing the fact that in a few months time I had one reason less to visit our old neighbourhood. And on top of that I was about to lose contact with the best book critic I knew! And what about the bookclub????

Suddenly I was really scared because for me the bookclub is sacred. That monthly happy occassion has, I am afraid so to admit, even caused some tension in our household. Everything has to move for the bookclub! Unless it is lethal, world threatning or a terror attack I WILL GO TO THE BOOK CLUB!!!

Through out the years that I have attending I have met some really interesting people. And yes, it is a general fact that 99% of them are/were women. Seems that men don't really have the urge to read a book and then feel like sharing their thoughts with others. I do know some exceptions but I meet these at dinner parties and they also come up with some very funny remarks about such meetings. Most of the time I then just LOL but I do then point out that Nicola is a very remarkable woman to have around in the world of books.

My dearest then sometimes diggs in and points out to the other guests that I have this severe addiction going on. That half of my monthly pay check I spend on books in all sizes, colors and categories. He then seems to think that he can go moaning about this very severe book-illness that he just can't seem to cure in the hope that he will gain some support. Have to point out that he tried to make me behave and I do assume that when we ever get married that there will be pre-nuptials and that there will be something bookrelated in there e.g. 'can only buy 1 book a month so that the peace at home won't be endangered'!

It was then also a surprise to me that after I had broken to him the news that Nicola was going to close down to hear him say:'I wouldn't worry, knowing Nicola she will come up with something new! She has got the entrepreneur spirtit that many of us out here so lack.' 'Uhm, I hope you are right!', was my reply.

Well, it seemed that he did knew Nicola a bit by now because a few months later during one of our last bookclub meetings she announced she would go digital!! Needless to say that all the build up tension in my body vanished and that there were no more nightmares going to creep into my sleep once I had closed my eyes!

As a result I am now an official member of Nicola's bookclub with full access to her very cool, user-friendly, up to date, conveniently arranged, globaly flavored and with a very nice personal twist website. Yes, you do need to pay extra to be allowed in but it is worth every single euro cent. Why, you might wonder?
Well,.... uhm just because Nicola is not just the average book reference databank. You will be able to google some other websites which promise you the same service and will happy spit out book reviews and also offer you tons of bookrelated stuff. Some even will give you nice discounts when you order books with them. But still these you can't possibly compare those with Nicola's venture.

Asking her for advice will really take you to the one read you are after. This lady has the gift to find in no time that one book that will save your life or can cheer up your less sunny days. The more you bug her the fiercer her attack will be. Nicola has just one mission and that is to make sure that books can and will make the difference in your perhaps a bit gloomy life.

You will sense for sure that Nicola knows her world and she has got a very distinctive opinion about most subjects. Still she won't preach and she does not expect of you do like or adore a book that she has a coup de coeur with. Nope, Nicola just wants share her experience with the booklovers around the globe. She manages to do this with lots of flair and a very down to earth style. And she still gets her diehard fans together for a good chat and brings along even some home made baked cookies or cakes!

The newest she is after is now the global approach!!! In case you live, in the Rainforest or Malibu beach, the Venetian Lagoon, upper Manhattan, at one of the Norwegian lakesides, the Yorkshire Dales, behind the Chinese Wall or at top of the Mount Blanc you are happy to join this global community!!! All you need to sign up for the digital book club is a computer with internet access and you are ready to meet booklovers around the globe!!!

Joining Nicola's bookclub is boarding for a new book adventure! Destination unknown but the guide is experienced!!! So start packing and be prepared for an unforgetable experience and all you need to do trust Nicola and dare to accept the unknown book she is holding out! Trust me it will for sure spice up your reading habits!! Buckle up, lay back, relax and enjoy the read!

P.S.: Getting a bit curious? Well, where are you waiting for and check out asap

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