vrijdag 31 juli 2009

BAGS, BAGS, BAGS!!!!!!!!!! And even more BAGS!

Most women seem to have something with shoes or bags. Well, so do I! And because I have a rather big shoesize and visiting shoe departments and shoe stores are not my most favorite place to spend money. Most shoe salepersons around the globe will tell me that I have rather big feet and that they don't carry that size in big numbers. So I decided that it would be easier to be addicted to bags in all sizes, materials and colors. Through out the years my personal collection can be considered international flavored. Because I tend to bring back a bag from every place that I have visited on this globe.

My latest assets are a nice shopping bag of Howard Castle and a tiny takealong bio-shopping bag promoting the National Treasure!! Both I got my hands on while I was in the UK. So it is not that I am only after the very chique and rather pricy hand bags. I do look for rather unique and also bags with an out of the ordinary message on them.

A few weeks ago I also spend some coins on one of those bags with a rahter high nostalgic touch to it: a tiny and on top cute 'Hello Kitty'-bag!!!! It was love at first sight! A black, red and white bag with the whole Hello Kitty family on there! Just couldn't resist that one. When P found out about this newest asset he really pulled strange faces. 'I really don't understand this! You already have tons of handbags! Still you find excuses to buy a new one! Please explain this to me! I do want to understand this!' 'Uhm? I just like bags!', was my best defense and walked on.

Not that I ever expect P to understand why I 'LOVE' bags and that I would even have a room designed just for my favorite fashion accessory. P is a guy and I don't assume that he has the ability to grasp why his girlfriend already has spend a fortune on something that men consider not the best investment ever. To them a bag is just bag!

So when I for the first time seemed to miss a few of my reuseable bags I did feel a bit out of tune. It is not these are very expensive. You can already find one for 50 cents or 1 euro. Still, I felt like I was robbed! 'P, do you know by any chance were my white linnen bags are?' 'Nope! I don't even know what they look like. Does it actually matter? You have more bags then you can use in a lifetime. Perhaps you even threw them out by accident?' I was just standing there and staring down at him and thinking:'You moron, you don't understand this! Every bag is important and comes with a story!!!!' I then just shrugg my shoulders and get the bottle of Bacardi out of the fridge!

Deep down I just have this theory of where my bags go and it is not bag-heaven! No, I just sense that there are some other women walking around with 'MY' bags!!! P forgets that when someone has gotten his or her hands on my bags he or she should better watch out for a rather less funny Stallie!!! I then turn into a private investigator who doesn't leave one stone unturned.

I have now one suspect who is after my shopping bags and it is not the easy to actually confront this person with my theory. It is just that it now happened more then once after this unusual suspect has visited the house while I am absent. When I confront P with my investigation results he just can't believe it. 'Uhm! So while I am not in the house for a few days you are then the one who takes my bags and throws them out!' 'No, no!! I wouldn't dare!' 'So, then my bags just vanish into thin air!'

So now I am big a shopper with a mission to fill up asap the big gap in my bagcollection. Some of the lost property can be replaced easily by just going back to that one shop and buy them for a second time. On my bag mission I also do encounter some rather new 'desperately want to get my hands on you'-bags. In no time I seem then to be able to replace my 'old' bags.

The issue that I have going on now is how to protect my bag collection. The best I can come up with is a huge vault with some super high tech security measurements. I am thinking in the sense of the one I have seen Tom Cruise coming down in Mission Impossible I! So, in case you are thinking about nicking one of my bags you better think twice!

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