zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Heading back to class!

The month of September is already a fact and that means that I have managed to deal with tons of stress without ending up in a Looney bin! Not that there were no moments that I would have liked to have taken some Valium.

One of the last items on my to-do-list was trying to get back to classes. Seemed not that easy because of the fact that I now try to combine two job challenges. And A seemed also to have some extra days. And hey, the prospect of having to drag him along to the student administration office was not my idea of an easy trip through the woods.

Deep down I was even giving up all together to get my student ID renewed. I know that being student means that you have to be able to handle some stress. The last months were stressful and the summer I needed just to get into balance with myself.
And in case you have not noticed yet. I did not manage to pass all the subjects that I took! Two out of four might not be the result that I dreamed of but hey I am proud of the fact that I at least tried to study!

I can now admit as well that it is thanks to many people around me that I did get into my car and drove to Louvain. Friends, colleagues and family were wondering if I still had the guts to get back into the brain battle! Sometimes I had some doubts but yesterday I was standing once more at the student’s registration office and facing a huge line of very important&young looking people. 'What am I doing here?'' Just look at them! They are still full of dreams and hopes. I must look rather ancient!' One of the girls standing in line was also nice to keep her iPod sending out some harsh notes of music. 'I don't know what kind of music she is listening to!'

Before I knew I was standing in front of a desk with a nice sounding lady behind it! 'Your file looks fine and you should be able to fill out everything from behind your computer!' 'Hum, you are sure? I had the impression that people with my ISP had to come by!' 'No, all you need to do is select your classes and mail this to us by the internet. Next you send back your Student ID card and we will renew it after all is taken care of!'

The rest of the day I managed to get into the wrong lecture (hum, I forget to check very carefully where I had to be!), I had lunch at Alma 2 (nice student discount!), went to the FNAC & Standard bookshop to use my collected points (I bought a very nice baking cookbook for the cold days to come!), went to a very interesting class with the label 'Psychiatry&pathology' and ended up not feeling depressed (and this after that this word was mentioned more then 50 times!), hit the Friday traffic in Louvain city where students cause even longer waiting lines, I paid my educational discount cheques and I signed to change my ISP!

Last year I was so proud of myself that I managed to do this without having to call in the help troops. Not a single mail left this house with questions concerning my Individual Student Programme! But this time I just really screwed up that part of my student life. This girl managed to send in an empty ISP!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Meaning that now I 'am' an empty file!

And this because I just hit the wrong key of my keyboard! How stupid can you be!? Not that the very academic people did not try to warn me! All over there were warning that you had to be very cautious when working on you ISP! That once your choice was sent in you were not able to make any adjustments!

So the last thing I did yesterday evening before signing out of my student file on Toledo was mailing my ISP assist! Now all I can hope for is that they get back to me ASAP. P thinks they will because a student who does not select any classes can't be a student! I gave him a very suspicious look when he said this. 'There must me a double meaning in there!’ I was thinking but to chase away all the dark thoughts I digged once more into my chocolate treasure! Betting that this year chocolate will be a study mate!

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