zaterdag 24 oktober 2009


A few months ago a friend of mine told me that she read my blog but that she thought that I never said B! Well, she might be right. I am not that good at really digging into the dirt! Hate to call the things by name when they are less kind. Before heading of with this blogstory I had made some promises. I was never going to hurt people directly by writing about them and trying to safeguard their privacy by in most cases never to use their full names. Family and friends are sacred to me and I don't consider a blog the right place to get things into the open.

Sometimes this is hard because I have some of those moments that I am so fed up with certain individuals I have to hang out with. Like they are in the way. Believe me I do try to be diplomatic in most cases. After 35 years you do know for sure that this globe also gives shelter to people who have different standards and plans then you. In most cases I try to put it in the right prospective but I do have some issues with some people that don't seem to get settled.

It is just that I do have these moments that I would like to strangle some individuals who seem to play the game by their own set of rules. This girl then seriously is tempted to trespass to the 'dark side'. I then do scream, call people less funny names, I kick and am capable of doing things that are considered a crime. But above all my mind is spinning like crazy!

Being the person I am I would rather get it into the open. Talk things over and find a compromise but this not always seems to be the case. In some issues talking is not the magic potion! And then I am so disappointed in people but also in myself! I have considered to even changing jobs because of this! I can't handle it any longer and am afraid that I end up saying things out loud that I will regret later on. But hey I am only human!

The best advice I get in most of these situations: ignore! Well, there is goes wrong. I just can't and I know it is a flaw in my character. But in this case it will be the only way to handle it with care! So sorry for those who will bump into me and meet a less upbeat Stallie! I am ignoring some bits and pieces! Chances are high that you are not the subject of my grudges but the individuals that are will have a ball! Deep down inside I do know that I should care less and that the time that I have been spending on typing this blog entry could have been used for better things: like polishing my toenails, doing the laundry&the dishes, writing report cards, baking a nice cake, reading a glossy magazine or bestseller!!! And believe me ignoring dirty dishes and clothes are also a mission impossible!

P.S.: Tonight 'Mission Impossible III' is on!! A movie hard to ignore as well!!!

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