dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Bay Watch!

The last few weeks did really pass by. There were some ups and some downs but most of all it amazed me how fast time flew. If they would ever find a way of cloning time I would sign up right away. And because I had not that much time left to reflect about it here I just want to share some highlights of the last few weeks.

- After signing up for my new classes at the university I managed to end up in the wrong class. That had never happened before and I can assure you I felt like one of those freshmen when they are running around on campus during their first week ever! I managed to get out during the break but my cheeks reflected a bit the colour of a tomato! One Wednesday I was also forced to take A along to the student administration office. He was really cool about it. It was quite hilarious to hear him scream through the whole student mess that he was 'ready' (A screams this when he wants to whipped of when going to the toilet!) and you can bet that I was again once more imitating a tomato!
- I managed to book my first meeting as an educational advisor. Wasn't that easy because try to imagine to get a number of teachers together with each their own agenda. In my new job I imagined that it would be a bit more straightforward with planning. But hey! Last week I mailed my first letters with my name under it! Was a very strange sensation!
- A did say goodbye to R at the swimming pool of Overijse. After six weeks of trying to make some progress in the water it seemed that my five year old started to hate the water. He even cried and had blue lips from the cold water. It broke my heart to see him that way. So we packed in our swimming trunks and headed for a new swim adventure but elsewhere!
- My pupils can still amaze me and make me smile. There were some moments that I left my class room feeling rather satisfied. I still seem to like the teaching aspect of my job description. Looking back I can state that I had more laughs then screaming sessions. Best moment of all was when one of pupils pointed out that I had written a mistake in his diary. 'Misses you have signed this note with 'Misses Stamp'!' He wasn't kidding!!!! When the school nurse walked in that moment we had some extra laughs about this. For sure a highlight of my career.
- P and I ended up once more on the shiatsu massage floor of N. For me it is routine now but for P it was the first time. One of the side effects of N her golden hands is you also get an emotional drain. So when P came back from his session I knew what to expect. Once more we had one of those very harsh discussions.
- A leaves a trail of art work through out the house. Rockets, UFOs, cleaning machines, bread machines & trains. When he is asked what these artworks represent he comes up with some unbelievable sounding explanations. I can assure you that if you would ever get your hands on one of these manuals that come along with those creations you need to go back to university!
- I made it back to the gym! ZUMBA is the newest trend and I do think that it is an amazing way of pushing yourself to the edge. But if you would have told me that I would be shaking my hips with in the back ground the song 'The roof, the roof is on fire!' I would have starred at you with rather big eyes!
- N&P their wedding is coming closer and closer. So I met up with the bride to be and my fellow maid of honour. The two of us had to join our 'bridezilla' to hunt for the fitting outfit. Strangely enough we only had to walk into one shop to find the clothes that N considers good enough. But I had to promise not to wear high heels because N will then look rather as a dwarf in her wedding dress and we are then the two giants running after her veil.
- My new job includes also some painful side effects like a painful neck. Spending tons of time in front of a computer screen seems not to agree with my neck. My best buddy for the moment is now a micro waved cherry pillow to ease the tension.

The five star highlight of the last few weeks is the following:

- A made his comeback at the swimming pool! He had made me the promise that he would do anything for his swim instructor if the water would be a bit warmer! So we looked for a pool with hot water and did find one. Now this little guy can't wait to jump into his swimming trunks to join 'his' Coralie! I have to admit that she is quite something. In the beginning I was a bit afraid because she only talks French. But what she manages to do with A I had never dare to believe after the whole swimming nightmare we went through. I witnessed A using his legs the right way, daring to going under with his head and as top act diving into the water and then picking up some colourful objects!!! This all without wearing any extra help. And this he all does with a big smile! It is such a cute sight to see him having fun in the water and wearing his red goggles for under water use and high fifing Coralie! And for me there is also a very nice treat: the male swim instructors! Yummy, yummy!! Hey, can you blame me?! Being a mother of a five year old can be a though job! So when you look for me on a Saturday around 12 o'clock chances are high that I am sitting next to pool enjoying the sight!!!!!

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