donderdag 5 november 2009

Get it out in the open!

ER its final season is on!! P&I love that series. P for different reasons then I do. Like many women I loved George and Noah! So when they left I did felt a bit down but soon their spots were filled up by others in green scrubs! And many passed the revue!

For the moment most familiar faces find the way back to the ER in Chicago and yes even our Nespresso guy will turn up! But the one episode that I will cherish for a very long time I saw last week! Basically it was about Abby saying goodbye and leaving with Luca! She had not told many people that she was going to leave at the end of the day! So just a normal shift and then off for the unknown.

But while she was facing those last 18 hours she managed to make sure that every single co-worker, friend, nurse or even higher member of staff got a personal last goodbye!!! While I watched her shaking hands, hugging people to death, speaking up her mind, spreading around wise words of advice, talking up her mind, standing up for herself and others I felt a bit warm and cold at the inside!

Especially when she walked into a meeting with officials and defending one of the nurses I just got goose bumps! What Abby did during that one episode was what many of us just don't seem to get done in our life time: speaking up our mind, no matter what! In an honest way, sincere, without grudges and without regrets!

How many times did I catch myself thinking that I should have said something but instead I ended up saying nothing at all? If I look at myself I do admit that I should try harder to speak up and trying to be honest with many more people. Not only in a negative way! Nope! Also so telling once in while that I am happy to know them!

I promise myself so many times that I have tell some people that I do care about them, that they have made or still make the difference, that I do believe in them, that they do their very best, that I miss them and that brighten up my life. I also know that in many more situations I should take a stand when it comes to believes and opinions. It even couldn't hurt to talk back or tell somebody once in while that he or she has hurt

And no, I don't want to wait till I am saying goodbye! The people that made in my life the biggest impact were/are for sure human beings with a tremendous big heart and a drive. I already had to say goodbye to a few of them but I carry them with me in my heart.

And yes, I do think that instead of just letting some people easy getting of the hook you should get it out in the open. Communication is a very strong tool but we don't use it in the most efficiently way. In my class room I point out so many times that words can harm but also be the best band aid ever! Many of my attentive pupils have amazed my already with their outspoken mind and wit. They managed to make me smile, shrug my shoulders, scream, LOL, getting cross, feeling disappointed or proud! They seem to master so much more the ability of being open and not holding back!

Okay, there are moments that what they say does hurt me or can make me feel a bit less comfortable with myself! But I do know for almost 100% that they are sincere. The two faced ones even have weak moments once in a while! Even when one of them walks out on me and leaves me standing there feeling a bit like an idiot I do know that in less then 24 hours we have to face each other and give it an other go!

So don't be surprised the next time when you see me that I might give you an extra hugh, wink at you, give you a compliment or be honest with you. In case I forget then don't be surprised to find a message on your answering machine! And in case we end up screaming at each other or when I just speak up my mind........... don't hold back because we only get one chance to get it right!!!

P.S.: For the moment I am practicing what I am preaching and you can be sure it is not an easy job!

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