dinsdag 3 november 2009


Autumn has for sure arrived! Our back yard is filled up with yellow, brown and orange leaves! Rain is one of the daily ingredients and we had to turn on the central heating! I even had to get out my winter nightties and my cherry pillowcase in case our bedroom feels like the Nord Pole!

The only nice side effect of this season is that we already have our first break meaning that we have some quality time to spend with friends and family. It also means that the first two months of the school year are already passed by!

I also noticed that I had less and less time to write some blog entries. The last few weeks I had tons of brain teasers to solve and I am not just talking about my new DS game 'Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box'. Nope, those are rather easy compared to ones I had or have to solve.

- I managed to have my first meeting as educational supervisor! I broke my brain over the fact how it was going to be like such meetings. Needless to say that I was a bit zombie like when I drove to Hoegaarden (the home of the whitest beer of Belgium) and when I asked to way to the school I was actually parked in front of it! In the end it was just fine and it still the learning experience I am after.

- Starting up a new Comenius project! This is always a tricky thing and I do know that we need to convince first tons of our colleagues that this can be a very nice experience. I regret the fact that I won't be able to attend the start meeting in Italy! But I am ready to tackle the obstacles ahead of us! The brain breaking action is how to sell this project in the most appealing way! Still trying to solve this one!

- Zumba lessons are still entered into my dairy and I love to shake all I have got! I ended up once forgetting my gym bag at the dance studio and was forced to drive back! Meaning that I had to face the big chief of the studio! She is one of the judges on 'Stars on the dance floor' and I can assure you that without make up she is so much more graceful! And even after some lessons I just can't get my head around how to shake all that what my mother gave me!

- Visiting our newly born niece A! A, P & I boarded the plane heading for Spain to visit the family and admire our newest asset. A was over the moon with her. He treated her like a princess. Produced tons of drawings to hang in her room, managed to stay quiet when asked, gave her the attention that women want and like and on top of that he picked out a very cute pair of Camper Shoes at Cortez Ingles department store! So for once I did need to break my head over what to buy!

- buying new clothes. A few weeks ago I cleared out my closet and this meant that I had tons of space to fill up with new clothes. So P dragged me into some stores and I was forced to try out the newest fall colours! P was so enthusiastic that I even had to point out that I had not won the lottery. I spend some time in my cubicle breaking my mind over what to choose because I just loved all P made me try! I do now own some nice new things that will for sure brighten up the more gloomy days of autumn and winter!

- Classes!!! This year is not a blast because I just can't manage to attend them all! Some sessions take place when I am working. Guess that I will be stuck in their even longer then expected but the student card I obtain then will mean some nice discounts as well! No real useful solution to this problem but hey, I still try to obtain knowledge!

- Getting ready for N&P their wedding! This is also hard work! This week I hope to find the last items and this with the help of my mother! I booked the hairdresser and we are also putting together N her girls' night! It will for sure be a night to remember but I ended up with the brain breaker!

- But the worst brain teaser of all is getting flu shots! For the very first time I got the one for the seasonal one! But because I am a teacher I qualify for getting a shot for the Mexican kind! I have been looking forward to this because I am a bit scared of this bugger! But now I am into some reading about this subject and I do have second thaughts about it! Even P is having doubts!!! 'To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that's the question!' And I do feel a bit like Hamlet!! Perhaps the only way to solve this one is with head or tails!!!!

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Hey Stallie,
Blijkbaar is de ampule met de inenting voor de Mexicaanse griep per 10 personen. Dus nu moet ik eens naar de huisdokter bellen om te informeren hoe die dat organiseert. Ik kan altijd voorstellen om een groepje van 10 samen te stellen en dan samen te komen.