vrijdag 6 november 2009

The winner takes it all! The loser standing small!

Sports and doping are two words that live together very closely! Last week Agassi admitted openly that he also was called to the dark side. 'Of course I am ashamed of myself and hope that this is the end of this lie!' André had managed to cover up a positive drug test and had begged the ATP not to call a press conference! Our bold tennis star got involved with crystal meth because of the break up with Brooke Shields!

He managed to get out of his personal mess and found the long arms of Steffi Graf to rest on! Now 12 years later he lifts up the lid and hopes that we can forgive him! Well, André, what can I say!? You won tons of tournaments, you were for sure the clown of the tennis circus, had the nicest smile of all and when you cried it was heartbreaking! Emotions all over the field! Now that you left the field and have for sure nothing to fear of you think that the time is ripe to call it to and end.

I bet that there are two tennis colleagues that really envy you for the moment. Yanina & Xavier! They are suspended for one year because they did not mention their whereabouts a few times! And Xavier missed on top of that one drug test! So this morning two athletes their lives changed for the worst! For the next 12 months they are not allowed to enter any official tournament!

This is the ultimate nightmare for a tennis player. It means that you lose everything. All the points you gained last season you will lose, not a single official tournament you can enter, sponsors that will end their cooperation, a condition that won't be challenged, no rhythm and of course tons of people that will have second thoughts about you!

Especially that last one is very hard to deal with as an athlete! You will mentally be challenged day in day out! Chances are very low that you will come out stronger! And when you then finally are allowed back on the centre court you are up against an extra opponent!

I do agree with the people who say that the law is the law! Rules must be obeyed! I do hope that whenever I get in trouble that the judge that I am facing applies lawfully the rules! In the case of Yanina&Xavier the judges did not bend any rules! The did what was expected of them and rightly so!

If Y&X had just filled out their paperwork correctly they would have been fine! It seems a bit strange that they left open some blanks and just forgot about it! They must have seen that one coming! They have of course tons of excuses ready but none them justify this and so rules are rules.

But I do feel so sorry for them! One year suspension is very harsh! For Xavier it could for sure mean the end of his career and this is for sure not the end he had in mind. For Yakima is might be the next big test! Finding out if she can cope with the not competing and hanging out with her peers! But still having to keep her mind and body ‘sane’!

The only thing that really ticks me of here is that if they both had been living in the Walloon part of our country this would have not getten into the open! Doping wise we already have split up our nation! COOL!!!

One last tip for Y&X: please, fill all the blanks or write a very emotional letter to the WADA, ITF or ATP! That one worked for André and he will even make money out of that story! Seems that paperwork really makes the difference! Or to say it with some very wise words:’ who writes, lasts!'

So, where is my Moleskine daily planner? I need to feel in urgently my whereabouts! In case you are interested: I am doing some shopping with A& my mum for a very important date!!!

P.S.: I wisely advice you not to start any dinner discussion in the presence of P&me about this subject!!! We might end up throwing your best china across the room!! At least I can be happy about Kim Clijsters here whereabouts! She manages to fill them out every day and it only takes 5 minutes!! Good girl!!!

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