vrijdag 18 december 2009

Driving home for xmas!

Outside the snow is glistening in the last rays of the winter sun and I have put a nice warm blanket over me in order to stay warm. I can officially state:

The following next two weeks:
-I will be home and have the opportunity to meet up with tons of family and friends of fare or close by. I can't wait to have my sis over, the see D & A their smiles when they open their presents together with their cousin A under the xmas tree, I will be able to hug my Spanish little niece and stare into her eyes where hope still can be found unconditionally,
-I will try to catch up with friends of high school and have nostalgic times in the company of gingerbread and gluhwein or a Bacardi Coke!!
- I will be writing tons of xmass cards with personal messages (and yes, don't worry my annual New Year's letter will be also sent along) that come straight out of the heart!
- I will be baking cookies and other goodies to add some extra flavour to the xmas spirit. A has promised me that I can count on him as a sous-chef. Hmmmm, the kitchen filled up with nice smells that make me smile and create wonderful memories. The trail of crumbs that can be found between the kitchen and the living room is of course the best proof of success!
- I will be having tons of food and that will cause some issues! But hey, a table filled up with food is the best spot to gather with friends in the holiday spirit!
- I will be dreaming of a white xmas but have to settle for rain! Because all the snow that had to come day on the xmass-night already touched the ground yesterday. But we had a cava (with the compliments of C, who will be moving to North Carolina and whose smile and cheerful spirit I will for sure be missing!)around the fire basket in more then 5 cm of snow!
- I will be watching tons of Holiday movies and listening to xmas carols and songs that can only be watched and listened at when it is the season to be jolly! Chances that I will be singing along and that A will tell me to stop because I sing so off key!
- I will be on xmas present hunt! Once more I just put it of till the very last moment to get there out in the shopping jungle and face the crowd! Sorry if I manage to bump into you when I try to reach to a certain item! No hard feelings there I just want to make sure that I can produce some smiles when the presents will be unwrapped. Hopefully I find enough people who want to wrap up my gifts because I still suck at that aspect of the Holiday!
- I will be putting together gift boxes for friends abroad!!! Love doing that but I hope that they can forgive me once more that I will get their surprise box when they have already stored the xmas decorations away.
- I will be homesick for the States! God, do I miss that place around this time of the year. In 1992 at xmas night I was sitting in my bedroom in North Canton crying my eyes out because I longed so much for home. Now I am homesick for all the friends that will be over there celebrating with their families. MISS YOU ALL!! I am still grateful for one of my best years ever and also the fact that I can keep in touch with some of them means the world to me! Bet that some colleague exchange students will be sharing this feeling with me!
- I will be missing my dad & grandmother and that is the silver lining to our xmas in this household! Them not having around the xmass tree while we are sharing the xmas spirit is still hard to face. But I do know that in very small things they will be joining us this holiday season as well!
- I will be sitting under the xmas tree with A starring at the nativity set that he set up very nicely. When he was looking for Jesus he asked:’ Mum, where is Jesus? Because he needs to get into the house and only can come out at xmas eve!' So my five year old son grounded Jesus. But I when I do look into the eyes of this child I will be able to feel the hope and the peace that I still believe in against all odds! I own that to all the children of the world even the ones that don't know that it is xmas out there. But peace is the most precious gift to be found out there!
- I WILL BE DRIVING HOME FOR XMAS! And that is for me the best gift of all! Because once I arrive after that ride I will find that xmass spirit that will create unforgettable xmass memories, ones that I will cherish forever.

So dear friends out there all over the world have yourself a very merry little xmas! And create some nice, joyful, delicious, warm, grateful and for sure peaceful memories!!! They will lighten up the darker days of the year to come!

P.S.: The next song stands for sure what I do feel this Holiday season!!

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