zondag 6 december 2009

Loving words for N&P

As promised in my last entry the speech that I gave as a maid of honor!
It was such a wonderful wedding: a radiant bride and confident groom, lovely & stylish dressed people, a tiny Italien car speeding through Elsene, an ice cold church warmed up by a deeply devoted to each other bride & groom, nice food and very nice table conversations, a touching speech from the splendid Best Man R (P has for sure a very good best friend), genuine emotions (tears of joy most of the time!), Mexican music & Tequilla, bumping in to old & new friends, sharing a room with a person you only know for 1 day (but K you rock girl and keep up the principles you live by!!!) a wedding crasher (K & I had even have to argue about why we still don't have European numberplates and this guy realy got on my nerves but at least he added something extra to the wedding memories!!

"Dear N&P,

You made it!! The two of you are from this day on Mr and Mrs B-B. But A & A, don’t worry, knowing N she will keep on wearing the B name very proudly. Together with all the people here present I want to express our happiness that the two of you have found the way to the aisle in order to say that one word that can make the difference in a relationship.

W.H Auden wrote once a Poem called ‘Tell me the truth about love?’ In this poem he wonders what the truth is about this very strong emotional feeling and this seems not an easy mission. But just one look at the two of you we can tell that you are able to give some answers to this very tricky question.

First of all P you know by now that the woman you can carry now over the threshold of your comfy & cosy apartment is for sure a gem to hold on to. N will be always waiting impatiently at home with a five course meal, the newspaper nicely folded and your comfortable slippers. She will be the domestic goddess that many men here present have wild dreams about.

It is also a fact that you will always score with taking her along while networking. Because just one look at this stylish lady will make many consultants their head spin. But you have to be aware of the fact that she still will chase after truck drivers who have blocked her way and that when the HaƤgen Dazs pops out of the fridge she might need that extra huge that will give her the extra energy she is after. And you better keep some Belgian chocolates on your bedside table in case she is having one of her notorious nightmares!

N, as you know, P was always along your side even when you were dating other men! And dating was for you always serious business. So no wonder that you now are staring into the eyes of your best friend! P will take you on to many places around this globe, he will perhaps forget about the time when he faces spreadsheets & numbers but in the end he always returns home where you are the master chef. He will be the steady beacon of light you are searching for when you feel lost.

P can always brighten up the rather gloomy days with his sophisticated taste of suits, and matching shirts and socks. Also thanks to his Mexican heritage and with the help of your inspiring mother in law R L your rather dull days will be turned into a Mexican Fiesta. When P then turns up his radio while playing a jazzy tune by Cole Porter he will for sure make you smile. The biggest asset of P is his mysterious smile and look in his eyes and you can be assured that he uses this force wisely. But don’t make him choose between you or the hamster L because that might be the biggest relation test ever!

So, N and P, take care of each other, keep focused on the things that matter in life, try to think positive, stay open for the unknown, take once in a while a deep breath and dream away and hold out for that hand where now the proof of your unconditionally love can be found!

To end perhaps some last final words of advice by others:

For P the fitting words by Johann Wolfgang Goethe:

‘The sum which two married people owe to one another defies calculation. It is an infinite debt, which can only be discharged through all eternity.’

For N some wise words by Kahlil Gibran

‘You were born together, and together you shall be for evermore....but let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.’

Dear family & friends from close by and far away here present let us raise one more time our glass and drink to the health and happiness of the newly weds N&P!"

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