vrijdag 4 december 2009

Tell Me the Truth About Love

The moment that I heared the poem 'Funeral Blues' by W.H. Auden in the movie 'Four Weddings & a Funeral' I got hooked on this rather mysterious poet. I even found a very nice booklet with 15 love poems by him! Published with Hugh Grant on the cover because of the movie!! I cherish this little booklet because inside you can find some of the most equisite words of poetry written with wit and imaginative language about love.

For the moment I am into 'Tell Me the Truth About Love.' It is there that I found the inspiration for the speech that I have writing for N&P their wedding!!! Because I do think that people who exchange wedding vows have some extra answers to this question!

I can't publish my speech yet!! I am tempted but N might for once read the blog and I do know that P walks in frequently to check it out. So you will have to wait till Sunday! For the moment there is only one other woman has had the pleasure to proof read it and I have told her that I will have to kill her if she passes it on!!! You are warned.

Guess, you can tell that I am rather excited for them! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I even had some comments that this is not my wedding and that I shouldn't be stressed about it!!! Duh!!! I feel a bit responsible because I am one of the maids of honor so I better be a bit nervous.

This was the checklist I had to tick of to make sure that I am ready for N&P their big day!

- fixing dates for appointment with hairdresser & beautician: Well the first one was not a big of deal! The latter one I kind of forgot about and I am greatful now that I will make it to the wedding with clean nails, longer finger nails then normal and eyebrows that are done nicely and make-up that is done professionaly. I will even have to take A on one of these appointments! But who wants to be beautiful has to suffer!!

- hen party for N: tons of mails, getting together, planning, brainstorming, creating and booking went into this one. But we managed to give N that one day to celebrate her last weeks as unwed woman. A nice brunch, a sauna and jacussi in the company of champagne, some shopping, a cocktail and some nice Italian food in the company of some of her best friends were for sure a day to remember!

- getting dressed: that was painful!! K and I have to match a bit because we will be running around together most of the day and I will look nice that we wear compatabile outfits. It cost me sweat, tears and some money (although I got something extra out that shopping day!!!) to get the right outfit! Thanks to N, my very critical mum and a shopp assistent who was patient enough to put up with me and my wishes I got the outfit where I do feel good & beautiful in (at least that is what I hope!) and A announced out loud that he thaught that the boots I will be wearing for that day are rather sexy!!! I hope they make some nice pics for my mum to show!

- booking a room: The wedding reception will be at a very nice hotel!!! Such a posh and fancy place to have a wedding. Ever since a kid I wanted to find out what there was behind the doors of this rather mysterious hotel. Many famous global citizens have slept there and on Sunday morning I will wake up in one of those beds!!! Feel like a princess!! I will share my room with an other wedding guest because P will be heading for home due to our babysitting arangements but I have got a room!!!!!!!

- getting to know new people: I have met some very nice people while getting ready for this wedding. N has got some very nice friends and it was so much fun to sit together gossip, plan, get carried away (IS ELVIS IN THE HOUSE, hey E&J!!) and looking forward to this big day!! We hope that they will like the little sketch we have put together for the two of them. You can be sure that I will miss them all once the wedding is over!! Hopefully we can keep in touch once in a while!

- coming up with a present: I do have got a present but I will only hand it over after the wedding. Because K&I are going to put together something special for N in order to survive her first year as a newly wed. But I hope she will like it. I do hope that she likes the little present and the card I bring along for now!

- wishing & hoping: Yes, I am a bit jeaoulous of N!!! I still hope that one day I will be able to get there where she is going to stand and starring into the eyes of the one person she loves unconditionaly. P is afraid that I will start having wedding blues after this one. But I don't intend to. There are even moments that I can say that I am happy that I still have something to look forward to. But on the 5th of December I will be so happy for N&P because I do know that N wanted this very badly and that for her love is a very strong emotional feeling that only can be expressed in wedding vows!!!!

Have to run now because I have to start packing!!!
To end and perhaps let you grave for more the first sentences of the poem.

'Some say that love's a little boy,
And some say it's a bird,
Some say it makes the world go round,
And some say that's absurd,
And when I asked the man next door,
Who looked as if he knew,
His wife got very cross indeed,
And said it wouldn't do.' (WH Auden, 1938)

P.S.: In case you are reading this in between tons of last minute arrangements: N & P I wish you the very best wedding ever and that it is a day to cherish for a very long time!!!!!

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