woensdag 19 mei 2010

Leaping through May

I don't seem to have enough time to write a decent blog entry. Not that I have not tried. But May is one of those months that time seems to catch up with me side nature is telling me very clearly that green is very fashionably. Temperature wise I don't want to believe but at least the trees seem to take the calendar seriously

The last few weeks many things, places and people passed by:

- A walking into our bed room on Mother's day. He was dragging along a self made cookie jar filled up with school made cookies. As top of the bill he then called out a very cute verse especially for me.
- C, P & kids finally passed by!! It took them ages because of the rather unpredictable winter weather we had been dealing with. This month we finally could fill up the champagne glasses!!!
- Tons of computer websites and shops I checked out with P. In a few weeks I will have to say farewell. Not that I will miss the big wide stripe in the middle of my screen. In the end I settled for the most fruity one of all!
- H on the phone. We ended up spending more then 90 minutes talking to each other. Result: I looked like a zombie that Monday morning when I walked into work.
- A classroom filled up 5&6 year olds. A made me sign up to come to his class to tell a story. My respect for kinder garden teachers only increased after that half an hour.
- Our Spanish niece A who was over with her parents. She produced tons of smiled away and made us eat to much colorful and tasty cup cakes made by H.
- Holiday brochures and websites. P still seems to think that vacations can only be spend in a back yard. So I am planning once more all by myself how I am going to spend my summer.
- A box of divine chocolates designed by Dominique Persoone. He was so nice to open up now a shop in Antwerp. Meaning that I do not have to wait till we make it to Bruges. My personal favorites: the cherry sticks and the COLA (I am not kidding!) ones were DELICIOUS and will force me to return asap!!!!!
- My phone bill will be exploding next time because I am trying to relocate soem of those I have not seen in a while. My diary still has some blanks waiting to be filled up with reunions!
- Comenius meeting in Alden Biesen where you can meet up with still idealistic teacher who still believe that you can change something for the better. If you dare to believe and trust against all odds!
- The first Belgian Strawberries!!!! I run wild for those red delicious pieces that can cheer up my day! A seems to think alike and sometimes prefers them above ice cream! But wait till he tastes the combination of both!
- A and I enjoying a funny movie in the company of pop corn, a huge soda and our friends M&M! It was rather strange to see A laughing and enjoying something that I also enjoyed so much as a kid. Wicky the Viking still rocks and now we both are rubbing our noses when we come up with a ground breaking idea!!!
- A letterbox filled up with a bird's nets and tiny little white-brown eggs!
- Saying farewell to my dad his Rover!! My mum who inherited that car got to hear that the car is really dead! And so the last item that was a constant reminder of him for her will be going to dumpster! Strange that this happened in May!!! So now we are trying to give her tons of advice what car she has got to buy!!
- Moving my cheese! Like the last two years I do consider May the perfect moment to change directions in my life! Once more I ended up in a conference room with curious people who fired away tons of questions! It is in those talks that I do meet up with my own ambitions, my dark side, my stronger personal traits and my urge to keep up my faith in my people, places and things!! Even when it is against all odds! What is left and has to make the difference in many situations is the leap of faith!! For me May that is the ultimate season to leap wild!!!

P.S.: I do know that the cool and cute Ralph sings this song also in Dutch!! But the original song is in German and so is the show and movie!!!

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