zondag 23 mei 2010

Jan Rot & Rick de Leeuw - Op een mooie pinksterdag (1991)

That one classic in a rather modern coat!!!
Perhaps many don't like the guys who sing this but it the content that matters!
Annie MG Smith did not like this one for a bit!! But I do think it can make you smile while the sun is shining outside and the world looks some much nicer.

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Marina zei

My name is Marina and I'm from Greece. I'm going to move in Brussels in July and I'm very nervous about it. That's why I tried to find some belgian blogs to see how life is out there. I have a language issue since I don't speak French or Flemish and I see that most belgian bloggers use these languages.
So, I've read your post about belgian politicians (28 april 2010-
Belgium: the political jungle of the EU).Believe it or not politicians are everywhere the same! We have many financial problems in my counry due to them and their big mouth wants more and more money to eat!
Meet me if you like at my blog: marinaslifefamily.blogspot.com
Thanks for listening:)

Marina zei

I've recieved your comment and I'm more than happy you responded. You're very kind and you made me feel safer about my moving. Right now I'm in the middle of boxxes and preparations, a bit nervous and anxious if I manage to prepare everything on time. I'll come there with my husband in order to find a flat in 16th of June and for good around 1st of August .I hope we'll meet and you'll show me the "secrets" of Brussels:)

Marina zei
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