zondag 23 mei 2010

Op een mooie Pinksterdag

May was weather-wise not the best month of the year but it seemed that someone up there decided that we had to get something extra for once. This weekend the sun is shining bright and the sky has that one divine color!! On top of that it is an extra long weekend.

The first toe slippers and shorts are visible in the company of many white legs! Sunglasses are signaled in the supermarkets and many prefer our steak grilled out side instead on the five star grill in our kitchen. Friends start calling out of the blue asking what you are doing tonight! Before you know you end at a long table enjoying nibbles and sweets in the company while the sun is going under. The sky then calls for a bright moon and some glowing stars!

We had one of those splendid evenings and on that there landed that one animal that still stands for hope and luck: the may bug!! That was for me the ultimate bliss of the season. While sipping of my mojito, on my lap A (in his nighties), our good and truthful friends N&G who had invited us unexpectedly into their breathtaking garden with swimming pond and P next to me discussing away I felt very content about life!

So this morning I woke up and realizing that this is for sure a Pentecost never to forget. I do remember many more rainy ones then sunny ones! This one will last for a very long time in my memory and for once I can play that one classic song that my parents started to sing only that one day:'Op een mooie Pinksterdag!!!' (On a beautiful Pentecost day)with starring at the sun and being grateful for all those things and people that color up my life!

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