zaterdag 28 mei 2011

The Speechless Postman

This is an exhausted speechless teacher who just is a bit lost for the moment. Not that I take personal what happened or at least I try not. But my body tells me that I have been suffering a bit the last few days. Not that I am giving up because the last month before summer break is about to start and then I need to be on top of things.

While being a bit less active speechwise I then suddenly find the time to check out the website of my former balletschool where I am planning to go back after this summer. I even mailed them today to ask them to keep me up to date in order to sign up for lessons next dance season. The Pilates lessons are also a fact and I can tell you that they sometimes hurt like h***. This is getting serious, don't you think so?

But the pics and videos I got to see while hanging out there turned me even more speechless but then with a smile on my face. I even happened to recognise some faces. Most of them look older but it were all dancing faces and these don't need words to get their message across.

Now that I come to think of it my last live public performance was not only on music but also on words. Words that got to me and were able to touch my soul. This music took me to a very nice sunny island where the post is brought by a very nice postman who is not that articulate with words. He therefor then calls in the help of the talented poet Pablo Neruda. Tears are rolling down my cheeks while this one is on.

But you can be assured these are tears of joy and remembering the very good times I had out there with the 'older' ladies on stage. I have not listened to this one for over 8 years because it like opening one of the final doors. So today the postman stopped by and brought me this message and it silences me....

Words are strong, they can break you down
But I try to forget
to feel relaxed and rest
I go into my thoughts in my imagination
And though days may be tough,
I'm rocked by sweet illusions
And I try to hear the leaves moving slowly on the wind's melody
And I try to see the beauty of the sunshine hiding behind the sea
But they shout and they argue
and everyone talks so loud
And my head is aching and painful, too
So hush, don't say a word
Hush and the storm will stop
Hush, there's too much noise for me
Please don't say a word

- Clémence Dufrasne

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Ik ben echt wel blij dat je de stap gezet hebt om terug te gaan dansen! Het zal je echt goed doen, dat beloof ik je!