maandag 13 juni 2011

Expecting Happiness

Today I was browsing through some children's books I owe and when I read this one I just had to think of my two best friends. Two amzingly young ladies who are pregnant for the moment. Two women who had to be kind of patient to finally feel what they were longing for. I admit here that I have been kind of letting tons of candles burn in churches all over the world and then just hoped & prayes that it would soon be a fact. Because these two women are in my honest opinion made for motherhood. I have seen it in their eyes!!!

I am very happy for them. They have been longing for such a long time to get into the world where words such as ultra sounds, 40 weeks, strange cravings, tiny toes and hands, stretch marks, morning sickness, baby prams, diapers, mother's milk, maternity clothes, delivery room, babyphone, numerous doctor visits, baby clothes and many more.... All words that for sure have been popping up on their radars for years but seemed once in a while harder to reach for then ever imagined.

Stallie is very happy for these two very special friends. One that is for sure a very devoted god mother to a 7 year old. And the other blessed with some extra content is somebody who I miss almost daily. I hope that their pregnancies will be not to hard to digest and that in the end they can just smile away and hold on to that special bundle of love. I can't wait to get my hands on these little angels. One this summer and the other will have to wait a bit longer because I will have to cross the Atlantic in order to be able to count its fingers and toes. But a promise is a promise!

P.S.: The cartoon I chose along with this entry is more for the two daddies to be. Because I am sure that both of them are also 'expecting' along with their beloved wives. And yes, I think that both of them will be kind of overprotective once they hold their bundle of love in their arms. Both of them will rock next to that baby cot and diapers won't hold any secrets to you any more! LOL

So expecting happy ladies this one here below I picked out just for the two of you!!!

Moet je zien

Moet je zien, dit is mijn kindje,
het woont nu nog op de maan.
Kijk, die slaapmuts en die schoenen
met die belletjes eraan.

Dit is de foto die ze maakten
in het ziekenhuis: Het Leeft!
Met een fluit en een viool
- al wat het later nodig heeft.

En soms hoor ik ook een trommel,
katteklop, soms hard, soms zacht.
Het is donker waar mijn kind woont,
waar mijn kind woont is het nacht.

Want het is nog niet te geloven,
in mijn buik is alles zwart.
Maar mijn kindje geeft zelf licht
en blaast sterren naar mijn hart.

Sjoerd Kuyper, 'Ik blijf altijd bij je', p 11)

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