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Family Ties

Sometimes I can be so slow! Uhm, I know I am from Limburg and this also does not give me headstart. The moment I start to speak I am a give away. Sometimes it takes me years before I get into some bestseller that has been already out for ages. To give you one example I had been telling others to read 'Twilight' before I even touched one book. And when it comes down to some television series it seems that I am living on a different planet.

Thank the lord for the DVD-box. Because lately I invest quite some money in DVDs. Like many women I have to deal with loads of washing and because I kind of see the Mount Everest in laundry form popping up I have decided to see it as a therapeutic action. The steaming that comes out of my hot iron I do inhale like I am sitting in one of these exclusive Turkish baths and while I am ironing one of P his gorgeous blue shirts I do try to get into some mindfulness exercises. The DVD boxes are the third way of copping with some wrinkled t-shirts and jeans that is screaming for some smoother feelings.

And so I got this box from 'Brothers and Sisters'. And I like it a great deal. The series is already considered an 'oldie'. A wrinkled Rob Lowe as a hot shot senator on the rise and the nutty Mc Beal actress Calista who swept Harisson Ford of his feet as well. And don't we all know Sally Field who is so well when she gets to act like one of these constantly-tortured-in-the mind-by-her-family-but-only-wants-to-do-good-and-keep-everybody-happy-and-fed-character?

The storyline is so simple and most conversations that take place between the characters won't blow you of your feet. Nope! It is just simplicity and the fact that some of these things do happen in families. I am blessed with a very big family. Huge even. Some of my cousins are already grandparents! When we get together it is always great fun to figure out who belongs to whom and what the latest assets are. New born babbies, sharp and beautiful looking girl- and boyfriends who happen to be forced to come along and of course the missing faces get identified by many. Yes, we do wear name tags with a color code.

The strength of a family is of course not in its seize. Because when do you consider someone family? Uhm, hard to say. P has got also a family and he is real close with his parents. There does not pass by one week or he has at least been there more then once. He chats up with his mum frequently and yes, no surprises on that front, it does sometimes make feel left out. P has got a very close bondage with his blood ties.

What do I have with my family is not the same. It can't be because I do know that not one family is the same. Each family has got its history and back ground. One look at the recent pics taken last Easter break while egg racing through the gorgeous looking and in bloom garden of mother's makes me smile. I am content to see the faces of my sibblings and the 'extras' they brought along in our lives.

So nope I am not one of these persons who just thinks that family ties are to be taken for granted. You all out there will know for sure that they come in all kinds and sizes. The only thing that I have come to realize is that it is a never ending story. And that there might be a start on a yellow colored paper that states where it all began and where you come from. But there is so much more to a family that does matter and can make the difference.

So with the summer break is near and this time I will spend some time back where I come from. I need the oxygen and to connect back with my roots. My family roots. I might have clipped of the branch and successfully got my feet planted in some freshly dark earth elsewhere to grow my own piece of family. Still to keep that the blooming process going on I do feel so happy that I can still drive over (even take over close friends along) and come 'home'.

Once I touch that base there is something activated that I now cherish more then ever before. Yes, I need the summer for that reason. It will help me to refocus and rejuvenate. It feels like the best detox ever prescribed by a doctor and on top of that I will meet up with 'old' friends and acquantainces. And I will try to make others 'taste' what makes me feel so family tied. It is not simple to put down in words and it takes time to make sure you can feel it.

And yes, I am aware of the fact that there are many out there who do not have a family or had to create their own family due to many reasons. Believe me I have seens many families into action and I can surely say that words like pain, hurt, misunderstanding, anger, contempt and many less flatering words are then used. It is not always a fairy tale out there.

So I am very grateful for my mum who I do think does a very great job and trying to keep these family ties going strong without suffocating any family member and this on many fronts. Mum, you are doing an amazing good job! But are you aware of the fact that you do need to recharge your mobile phone once in a while or how you can listen to your messages we leave on your answering machine. Uhm, if I come to think of it we always have been a family on the move!

P.S.: And yes, there are some people out there who I do consider my family. I might not ever told them openly but in very small gestures and sincere acts of love and friendship I know we have kind crossed a certain line, the blood line! Some of you I might not see that often and some of you might not even be aware of the fact that I am tempted to include you in all the family fun.

A Tribute To Family`

I don't know when it started,
Or how it all began.
But God created families,
As only our Lord can.
He was teaching what it means,
To love, honor, and obey.
He wanted a strong bond,
That we don't see too much today.
He wanted someone to hold us,
And show respect for others.
He wanted someone who'd be gentle,
And so he created mothers.
He wanted someone strong,
A support filled with love.
And so he created fathers,
Sent from heaven up above.
Brothers and sisters came next,
With that, an instant friend.
Someone to look up to,
Someone on who to depend.
When he put them all together,
He was amazed at what he'd done.
He had created a family,
Mother, father, daughter, son.
But look at the family,
Created by only two.
How many we've become,
And all because of you.
We have a lot to be thankful for,
The memories through the years.
The many times together,
Full of laughter, full of tears.
I don't know where we'd be today,
If it weren't for the two of you.
To show us strength, support, and love,
Like only the two of you can do.

© Michelle A. Moran

Source: Tribute To Family, Poems about Family http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/family/poetry.asp?poem=1251#ixzz1QTABxw9c

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