dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Something Got Me Started

In case you hope to read an upbeat entry you better search for an other blog. This won't be then the blogspot where you want to hang out at. Because Stallie is upset and mad. Something got me started and it seems that I won't easily find the Zen-mode again. What happened? Well, perhaps you better ask me what has not upset me? Because the list is long and distinguished. I am in what I call my personal 'ram-bui'.

Stallie can be very moody and is blessed with a very bad moodswings. I can bite when colleagues come to close to me before I had my first cup of coffee and digested the rest of my breakfast. I then need Jasper Cullen and Doctor Carlisle Cullen close by to get back into my easy to handle status. I do come along with a manual and there are acts, sentences, words, bodylanguage, views and much more that can make me set of.

Hey, I am only human so I can have a total off day. So today I feel like it is one of these days. Inside of me there is a vulcano spitting out major amounts of ashes and I just seem not to find my Zen-mode. Mindfullness? Never heard of that? Medidation? Can that work in cases such as this? Seriously doubt that!!!

God, I know myself rather well that I can just lose it all together. I am fully aware that I am one of these persons who gets carried away when I feel kicked or pushed into a corner. Also I do know that I can be so out of control when I just do not seem to handle the situation according to my personal beliefs and values.

Uhm, I even feel like I don't want to give it to much space out here. Because you know what? It might be just the end of the school year coming closer and I feel that I might just walk into a minefield. Not that I take it that personal but I just don't get a grip on the situation and I get into a fit! One I can not just snap out very easily.

It would take palm trees, white beaches, blue water, white horses, a gigantic sail boat, Mathew Mcconghey in a tux, Cosmopolitans with a straw, full moon and tons of stars,... Seems that I want to be in a paradise that is out of reach!!! For the moment I will have to settle for something less pleasant: a school racing to then end of the finish line and on its way perhaps still breaking down a few times or even getting involved into a few crashes. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Uhm, I guess I will have to settle for my hot bath that I am going to fill up with lavender and then perhaps plug in my iPod Nano in order to get detached of the outside world for at least a few minutes. If this not works then I guess that desperate measures have to be taken in the form of chocolate. But not such a tiny bite. Nope then I dive into the umami. Because this fifth taste sensation guarantees me the taste of divinity. Sounds like heaven on earth!!! Lavender, chocolate and music and some meditation don't sound that bad after all! Yummy umami!!!!

Umami-chocolade van Belgische makelij

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