vrijdag 16 september 2011


Stallie did cheer in front of her television when she saw Jonathan Borlée racing past his brother. It might have been not their best race but it was for sure kind of nice to see the two come in first and second. Winning the 400m on the night of the Memorial Vandamme is for a Belgian for sure memorable. Jonathan must have felt quite relieved that he can still show off with those 'sexy' legs of his even when his fast brother is running in a lane next to him. They seem both to get the best out of themselves. These two do not paralyse when an other suddenly seems to speed up things. Tonight they both got wings. The smiles they showed while the flash lights went of where kind of nice to look at while recovering of this rather tiring last week.

First of all the news that there is for the very first time some real break through when it comes down to Belgian politics. BHV is on paper split up. It might not matter to you but it does to me. I can not fully explain to you what these three letters stand for because that would take more then 50 years. But I live in the constituency Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde and it became time that Brussels was going solo when it comes down to electoral votes. Stallie has a very outspoken personal meaning about all this political circus. But I agreed with all Flemish parties that something needed to be done about BHV.

It might have been taking over 400 days to make all political parties understand that you sometimes need to make changes in order to make things better. Even if it is going to hurt or that you will need to work harder. Okay, I still have not gotten out the bottle of bubbles to celebrate because this is just the first hurdle they had to take in order to form a federal government. But at least it is a break through and a promising one.

Today I ended up in a state of mind that I did wish that there had been a major break through in a meeting room. There are some things that I wish to change for the better where I work. Because let us be honest nothing is perfect and most things need once in a while to be adjusted. The world is not static and I don't think that you always can leave things like you are used to them because it is a habit or that it suits you best. When you are responsible for others their future you do need to think ahead and perhaps take a risk once in a while.

Stallie needs sometimes a 'break out' to make her feel good about her job. I am sometimes surprised how people can differ on that part. In general I do get along with most of my coworkers. People who are highly qualified and have many talents to use in order to educate kids who seem to have a less easy time out there on the learning frontier. My job place is in many ways for sure a very nice place to send your troubled child to.

But there are moments that I do feel a bit lonely in a filled up room. Then chances are likely that some of the following sentences chase by: why does my heart rate goes up? Why is it that my blood presure is higher then this morning when I was about to get hit by a white van? Why do I not fully agree with the person next to me who seems to think that everything is just fine and does not need to be changed? Why I seem not to feel the strength for the moment to speak up my mind? Why do they use less friendly words? What are they afraid of? What makes them use such language? What is the point of this discussion? What will be different when I leave this room?... I can go on for hours what goes on in Stallie her mind.

So yes, for the moment this teacher wants to breakout. I am very much tempted to even agree with the fact that our 'resigning' (most be the longest resignation period ever in world history by now) prime minister decided to take an other job. Yves said not yes to a glass of Uzo but a very clear yes to the OESO. And he does admit that he does like this kind of job.

So Yves decided to dive into a think tank and hopes that the economical advices that he and his fellow thinkers come up will be taken seriously. I do wish him all the luck because even on that part there are not guarantees. Perhaps he should take along some bottles of Uzo in case that he seems to have the impression that people do not take him serious or that nobody listens to him. The Greecs might be grateful to him because every bottle they sell now might now make their National deficit a bit smaller. Perhaps I should as well get that bottle out but then don't you think that a Cuba Libre will be eassier to force a real mind breakout? Cheers!!!!

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