woensdag 14 september 2011

Today I ....

Today I said goodbye to a very special person.
Today I entered one of those places where my heart can hurt.
Today I cried and smiled.
Today I overcame grief in order to speak out loud some very meaningful words.
Today I listened to many meaningful words of others.
Today I hold hands, kissed and hugged.
Today I searched for the right words but not always found them.
Today I whispered comforting words into ears of people I deeply care about.
Today I prayed for many but also for my own sake.
Today I saw tears in the eyes of friends and strangers.
Today I felt helpless and lonely in a filled up church.
Today I touched wood but felt so much more then that.
Today I walked in the sun and felt the wind blow in my face.
Today I whipped my face dry.
Today I gave into many emotions.
Today I tried to be strong.
Today I met up with silence...dead silence.
Today I attended a funeral.


P.S.: Yes, today a young mother (who happens to be one of my closest friends!) said goodbye to her amazingly nice mother. And yes, there was in front of the church standing a real lady whose words touched me.

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