woensdag 7 december 2011

Stallie Says Yes!!!!

Major remark: NO THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE WEDDING PREPOSAL I STILL LONG FOR!!! So if you hoped it was about that you better do not read on! :-)))))

Sinterklaas has brought me this year tons of candy. Something I should be thrilled about if you are called auntie Lolly by your nephews and nieces. Even the ballet studio I left with in my hands a little plastic bag filled up with candy. I was also the one who dragged from one meeting to an other bags filled up with all Sinterklaas candy. I just eat myself through the week before Sinterklaas. Basically because I seem to be preparing myself for the worst weeks of the year that are heading my way.

Last week I had some set backs because I sometimes was facing the consequences of saying one more time yes. In what kind of mess I got myself by just nodding my head and commiting myself to a certain task. Yes, I have got the tendency to say that word quite often.

The last few weeks I seem to have the idea that I perhaps have said once or twice to much yes. Because I think I need a clone to get all the things done that I have noted down in my stylish black Moleskine day to day diary. In there I try to keep track of all my appointments and also the things I need to get done asap. Not that I will write a deadline behind them because that is something that I honestly not always believe in.

In general is Stallie the person who likes a bit of pressure in order to see the urgency of getting a certain job or task done. Something I picked up while writing for the High School newspaper. The fact that it took my own politicians over 500 days to come down to an agreement that most of them can live by till the next election just makes me believe that a deadline sometimes just won't stand . So much time I am never granted to proof myself right for a certain job or make sure that keep my promise. But hey, I guessed that they only wanted to say yes to something they all can believe in or at least can live by for the coming two years.

Once I have said yes to something or someone then this lady wants her to keep the end of the bargain very badly. The word deadline can trigger my mind. Not that I think that I do not have enough time. Hey, I even still have found some minutes to type this entry. And yes, there are many things that I still find the time for even tough I consider myself so busy most of the time.

Because yes is a very powerful word that has brought me more then I ever bargained for. Okay, yes it has also sometimes makes me feel stressed out (more then once I was told today that I did look rather 'shitty') but it also makes me feel very much alive. Yes, I know you need to say no once in a while to make sure that they do not take advantage of you but still...that word can add some adventure to my dull existence

This summer when flying back home from my wonderful Berlin trip the person who was sitting next to me saw what book I was reading:'Yesman' by Danny Wallace! He was very pleased. 'You know what I think that we should say more yes!', he said. It is always very nice when a stranger gives unasked personal comments on a book you are reading. 'YES!', was my response but then I added the words that I had picked up while reading:' But there are many kinds of yes! And that is what many people tend to forget!'

So when have you today said 'yes'? I challenge you to write down the numerous times you did say this little at the first glance insignificant word. You will be amazed! There are many people out there who still use their veto when it comes down to taking risks. But personally I think in the world whe live in you will have to let go the prejudice and just dare to embark on an adventure that might bring you more then you ever imagined. The power of yes? YES, I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YES!!!!

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