zaterdag 31 december 2011


There are many words that I love in the English language but there are a few that will always make me smile for obvious and less obvious reasons. Today a fellow Jane Austen fan did tweet this word as a hashtag and it took me breath away. Why? Well, because it is word that I do strongly believe in.

Perhaps some of you have never even heard of the word and this perhaps because it is not a word to be used on a daily basis. I do think that it is a word that is very fitting to be used at a day as today.

In Australia they are already celebrating 2012 and to be honest I can't wait to get dressed up & drink some heavenly champagne in the company of some good friends. Friends that do matter to me greatly. At a day as this I do take some time to look back at what I have ended up after 365 days more on my personal timeline.

Well,...what can I say that I am so grateful for what I do have? That I am over the moon about the fact that I am still surrounded by family, friends and human beings that make me feel very much alive and hopefull? That I feel blessed when it comes down to friendship and love? That opposite me two men are sitting that I love above all? That I strongly believe in many words that matter on a daily basis? That I this last year did find so much more out there then I hoped for? That I did let go but still try to hold on when the night is dark and the moon seems to be hiding? That a smile, a tear, a wink, a kiss, a pad on the shoulder, a song over the radio, a wave, a post card, a Tweet, a message on the my phone, a good book, a cup of George Clooney coffee, a gigantic chocolate muffin, a glass of champagne had an amazing powerful effect on me....... and I could go on for hours because in 2011 that I was all granted in the company of some amazingly impressive and loving people.

One of the many reasons that I do like the word here above is that it is very hard to translate. 'Happy accident' is one of them and perhaps that is a very good way of putting down in some very easy words what this extra ordinary word is. It has given me so much more then I could ever hoped for in a year that I do wish to call serendipity all over. The world might sometimes have gone mad but even in hybris I did find some sparks of hope.

Chances are high that you reader have been one of these sparks. So yes, before the old year comes to an end I do wish to say thank you from the bottom of heart. Some of you might not have been aware of the energy you did share with me. But then everything happens for a reason and therefor let us in 2012 go with the flow and try to share the happy tidings and hopefully find old and new hands to hold on to when the tidings are less cheerful.

I would gladly invite you over for a gigantic cup of festive Gingerbread latté with a gigantic double chocolate muffin at the Starbucks in Central Station of Brussels. This in order to just sit there and let the world pass by. But I bet that most of you will be the next few days be quite busy with being very grateful and hopeful. But please be so kind to accept my sincere wishes for the new year that is already peeping around the corner. Please stay observative and when an accident does happen then please believe in the force of 'Serendipity'. Let 2012 be the year you are after in your dreams and beyond. And let it be a year filled up with many 'happy accidents'.

P.S.: I do have a very special reason to have picked this song. It was in Central Park about 10 years ago that some extra ordinary feeling popped up in my heart and that I did not could wait to see the one smile of the person that now get to spend our 11th New Years Eve with. <3

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Fie zei

Serendipity! Ook ik vind dat een zalig woord! Leuke entry, ik ben sinds nu terug trouwe lezer ;-). Bedankt voor je berichtje zaterdagnacht, maar je zal wel weten dat ik aan die heisa niet echt meedoe... Trouwens, Starbucks...mmm...maar ik ga dan wel voor de Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! Kuzzel van je collega die alweer een magneetje meer op haar bord heeft hangen, en 't is echt een tof!