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The Lego-memories

 For the moment my son is putting an other box of Lego together. It is one that is considered for 14+ and that looks rather complicated.  So the Lego-force is still strong in this 8 year old one and also the 41 old inhouse doc who is asisting him. Sadly to state is this the last box of the Lego booty he put himself together while being over in Legoland, Germany last week.  A and Lego that is like a magic combo and a few weeks ago we finaly managed to get into a car and head for that one spot where most things are made of Lego and where shops are filled up with bricks.

Not that I was in the best mood ever for such a fun trip because right before take of my stomach decided that it wished to host some less nice behaving bugs.  So this mum had to get into a car for over a 600km ride feeling rather lousy.  I can tell you that my closest companions during that trip was a bucket and a can of coke.  Bet that our driver M was glad that I kept the content of my stomach inside of me untill we arrived safely to Lego-Kingdom.

In case you wonder if this is a worth while travel destination because let us ladies face it how in the world can a Lego-brick entertain you for over a day?  Well,  let me try to convince you to book a few days of construction fun:

- First of all is it the scenery route you get to take.  More then once I got to lay my eyes on some wonderful landscapes.  So if you own a blue Alfa Romeo Spider with leather seats take the roof down and you will have the best ride ever.  We did spice up our ride with some oldies like 'Top Gun Anthem' or some French chansons by pop-queen Myléne Farmer. 
- It might not be Disneyland but this also means that for once 'It is a small world' won't get stuck in your head.  There is music but it is more background music.  The one that your ears can pick up while standing in line for the 'Flying Ninjago' makes you almost go into a state of zen.  You might even fall asleep while flying 22m above the ground and trying to make sommersaults.
- You get to meet up with sharks and clown fish in the Atlantis underwater world experience and when you then show the pics of the sea star you were allowed to touch people will wonder if that this made up out of Lego-bricks. 'What do you think?', is then perhaps the best ever response.
-Signing up for Lego-academy is putting together something challenging.  Nope, these are not the designs that you might have found in a box of bricks you own.  Nope, here you get to program or put together a design that Einstein has given his blessing of.  The smiles your kid will produce when one of the Lego-instructors hands over their diploma you will never forget.
-It is one of these spots on earth where the shops mostly attract men.  This time it was A who got to spend a fortune on souvenirs.  The booty he did drag home was gigantic.  I had to settle for cool icecube forms, a Princess Leila keychain and a tiny purple make-up bag from their girls line 'Friends'.
- You get to sleep in a room that is just breathing Lego all over  and trust me it will be quite different to any room you had before.  I am not just talking about the box of Lego you will find in the room to keep the small ones entertained. The doorstop is just the start of some amazing interior Lego-designs.
- Food is serious business in Lego-land.  No, it is not just about hamburger and fries. If you feel like having something more Asian or a some Bratwurst with a giant mug of German beer it is possible.   The kids their favorite foodplace was  the Dino Grill.  Don't worry you won't find T-Rex spare ribs on the menu but a nice selection of food to fill up your hungry stomach and also the best sparkling water of the whole parc.  M&I even asked for a 2nd bottle and did compliment them about this choice. Yes, after a few days in Legoland the taste of water becomes important!  And then there are the buffets!  Ladies, just skip the soup, the salad and main dish and move directly on to the Kaiserschmarren or Krapfen.  DESSERT heaven!  I can tell you that I did curse my stomach bug more then once on this trip. Fortunately did my travel companion M eat for two when it came down to the sweet delights!
- You can buy, write and mail postcards from this cool spot on earth.  And I still consider postcards a bit more special then sending out a Tweet or posting a pic on Facebook.   Just make that effort and many of your friends can then show off to their house guests that they own a post card of Legoland. 
- In the world of Lego transportation matters greatly and some rides are rather fast.  You can opt for a slow scenery ride through the woods on horse back, a smooth cano cruise through the jungle or being a test driver on Project X.  If you want to make sure that you get home safely then first make a pit stopp at the Legoland Driving school but then you need to be prepared to sit in class for some serious instructions.
- The force is strong in Legoland since Star Wars found their way in.  You will encounter the whole Star Wars gang and even being able to pose with Darth Vader and R2D2 if you wish.  And in one of the stores you will find tons of Skywalker inspired brick fun.   
- You get seriously wet in Legoland! You will try to avoid it but chances are likely that sooner or later you will get soaked.  Especially when you decide to board for Captain Nick's Splash Battle.  Just give in to the water.  Don't try to hide from the splashes and LOL!  I can tell you that the sheer laughter I did produce was for sure sincere.  But it is quite a comfort to know that at the end of the battle there is a solution. No, Stallie did not have to walk around all day grumpy because of wet jeans.  Picture here some gigantic hair blowers and all you need is a coin to make it work.  It is one of the rather suprising attractions that are not mentioned in the guidebook but worth to pay a visit. Great Kodak-moment.
-  Friendly staff who tries to please you.  From the moment we arrived till we drove home we got to meet sincerly nice people.  Not just the waiter but every single person we met was friendly.  No, it did not sound fake at all.  
- It seems on paper rather not a big place to hang out at but believe me you can get lost there! Because in the era where we are getting used to having a GPS you tend to forget what direction to walk when you are searching for a certain ride that you saw this morning. M hanging out with you without a GPS is already a funride! ;-)
- Being able to buy Lego bricks by the piece.  I can tell you that here A just went insane and did try to play tricks on the sales assistant.   You also can put together your personalized Lego-figurine to take home or as a gift.  We tried to put P together but in the Lego-world curls do not exist!

Okay, I was not the most pleasant sport on this trip because I got to spend quite some time in the tiniest room of all in Legoland.  My sense of humor was also not always there and do regret that now but I know for sure that my son A had the best time ever.

So thank you M for taking us there and putting up with a Stallie in a less nice state of health!  And you did a great job getting out of the way of all of these Audi's who seem to own the 'Autobahn'.   A big hand of applause also to Lego-fan/mate M who did manage to keep up with A once more for a few days.
Also a very big thank you to the Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen who decided that due to the economic crises of the '30 he had to downsize!  The force of such a tiny brick is still going strong.  Here at this house we keep up his moto 'Leg Godt' proudly but Ole, it still hurts when I put my bare foot down on one of them!  ;-)


P.S.: M, I have to admit that you have the talent to crack me up in the most stressful situations and that parody you came up was just so insane for words but it has got potential.  Plus the choreography we did on this song while in standing still in that gigantic traffic jam driving home  I will never forget. Also that serious looking driver next to your car! LOL  You rock!  And the love many men have going on with Lego goes along very fitting with these lyrics.

 Note: We did visit Legoland Deutschland.  There are already a few others to visit.  More info you can find here.  And no, there are not all the same! So Lego-addicts get a Lego-passport and start to travel the Lego-world:  
or if you rather wish to combine it with a Royal touch or flavor of some Earl Grey tea:
or if you only want to settle for the original box:
or if you wish to go totaly insane and combine it with some other funparks:

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Joepie, Legoland! Wij zijn 7 (?) jaar geleden in Legoland Windsor geweest. Was leuk! Daar was het wel vooral genieten van 'mini-Europa' in legoblokjes. Misschien ooit wel naar de originele in Denemarken...wie weet! Eerst nog maar wat Italië, en dan zien we wel weer :-)