zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Fighting Irish!!!

I love Ireland and its inhabitants. One day I am going there to admire their green pastures, drink liters of Guiness, take hourlong walks, listen for hours to their sexy-sounding accents and applaud to their celtic music and have I mentioned their historical sights and many treasures? Many things to do and see in that lovely green country. And it is even not that fare away and part of the European Community. But for how long I wonder?

The Irish were that brave to vote no once more when dealing with European politics. It is not unique the French and the Dutch did it before and the Irish changed their no into a yes after a second round of voting. So this is not such big news but why am I now a bit outraged?

It is not that I don't understand why they said no. The prospect of having a president and a minister of foreign affairs that we can not vote for ourselves is not that democratic after all. And yes when I read the news that Tony was going to run for President I would have canceled my trip to the UK. As long they consider the euro as Monopoly-money they must be silenced. You can't be the President of a nation that uses money you are not able to use.

Irish are very brave people. In the States the american football team of Notre Dame, one of the better educational institutions of their nation has the infamous nickname 'the fighting Irish'. And Saint Patrick is also celebrated with a colorful parade.

Let us be fair and sqaire they have had their part of misery. The patato-famine wept out half of their nation and also made many Irish to look for food elsewhere. Even Holywood discovered thier history and made Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman ride horses like wild cowboys through the prairies in order to find the right spot to claim as theirs. Irish never give up and we were told by many.

U2, the Corrs and Sinéad O'Connor managed to put Ireland on the musical map of the world. That the Irish have been able to win more then once the Eurosong contest is very logical. Irish sounds can have a very soothing effect. Their poets have made it into the hall of fame. Yeats, Beckett and Joyce have putten down their deepest thaughts and touched our hearts.

So why then, why did they say no? If we all want the Irish into the game why did they say no? Is it because love is over. Are they fed up with us? Perhaps they just did what other European citizens not dared to do: say no! At least they were given the chance to scant their voices and cry outloud their frustrations. They are treaten as real grown ups and taken serious. Most nations consider their constituents as being rather retarded. 'Thank you for your vote and now we will take it from here.'

So lucky Irish! Of course it was not that nice to first to say 'yes' to all the extra funding that helped them to become the celtic 'european' tiger. The European Union made them become stronger and more economical appealing. Many assumed they would have expressed only gratitude by saying yes. But it is their right and so no offence. I would suggest that at least they send over a team of specialist to Brussels to explain them why also other europeans would love to do this: express their voice directly. We might sing off key more then lyrical Irish but wouldn't it be a great feeliing to feel real involved into european politics? Just let us hope one thing! That they don't deal with Europe as Yeats dealt with death:'Cast a cold eye on life, on Death. Horseman pass by!!'

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