dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Men are from Mars:fighting the green planet!!

There are those moments that you consider your beloved one rather an alien. And for me it is the season. I just stare and wonder if I still live with the one person that I felt in love with in a far away past? For the moment he is sitting in a couch and he is going through his hair with his fingers. Not very unusual for any human being. Well let me put it is this way: after watching him doing this for more then half an hour it becomes rather annoying!!

In general I am rather satisfied about the quality of my boyfriend but of course he has got his moments. And when these times arrive I better get out of the way. The pater familias changes then into a hunter with a mission. You never no what he is up to. One minute he is working in the garden, the next one he is of to get his hair cut without a decent warning.

Turns out that I then have to prepared for real surprises or nightmares. Because everything you have taken for granted can change any second. So one morning I get up and find him working in the garden, cutting the hedges. Very focused, ready for any intruders and weapons fully loaded. P the garden-soldier it is quite a sight. He even has bought a pair of trousers that are up to this dangerous job: army printed TH-pants!!! And for cleaing out the garden he gets into his UPS-outfit: completely brown. UPS would hire him right away!

You have to know P hates to do any gardening job!! He loves to look at the garden when nothing moves. So this means he likes a garden in winter when most of nature is asleep. Once spring is in the air he gets very itchy. He curses when sees the first leaves peeking through our fences. This means our hedges have to drimmed and getting back into shape. I am blessed with two men but P is the only who is up to the job. A tries to help out and gets out his weapons as well(toys) but he is forced to stay in the trenches and clean up the mess after the battle.

Of course I am very proud of my men: making sacrefices and that means that I try to help out as well. I try to keep the house clean but that is rather a mission impossible this time of the year!! While hoovering the living room and moving on into the kitchen P and A manage to bring in half of a jungle. Everywhere I encounter green leftovers that once belonged to our garden. So the only weapon strong enough to fight these green soldiers is our Dyson. Our vacuumcleaner even looks like a weapon and he is up for the fight. A is the ultimate test when he pulls out his boots and empties them in the middle of the living room ten minutes before guests arrive for dinner!

So I am looking forward to some more quite times when my men have decided that the leaves can go their own way and grow. P now considers them his worst enemy and he pays them more attention then the three course meal I have prepared. When our guests then only pay attention to the food and me I just feel so sorry knowing that it cost him sweat and tears to defeat those little bastards. Just know I am very proud of my green general and soldier. I am ready for the next green battle by being a domestic goddess! But P and A have to be able to stand brownies with some grass as well!

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