woensdag 9 juli 2008

Raindrops are falling on my head!

I am a weather person and so for the moment I am quite pissed!! One day of rain I can handle, but ever since P is at home for his week off, it has been in the picture. For the moment my umbrella and I are closer than my partner and I. I try to be brave and go out there, hoping that it will stopp and that against all odds!!

Just a short overview where I got wet these last few days: Antwerp, Leuven, Kontich, Maastricht (even abroad I got chased by raindrops) Overijse, Antwerp (again) and Brussels.
Extra wet got A on all these trips but he was quite a good lad about it. But even a child can get tired of grey weather. So today he was wondering when the sun would come out. His mother couldn't give him a straightforward answer. We just got back from one of our wet trips and A was sitting in his carseat, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. My light colored outfit had also turned into a rather dark wetsuit. P was still fully dressed. I guess if the police would have stopped us we had some explaining to do!!

I am dreaming of about exotic beaches, transparent blue oceans, hughes palmtrees and fruity cocktails served at the pool. Please take me there!! But because I have not won the lottery yet I will have to settle for hot chocolate with marshmellows, a bubble bath and a feet massage. The first two mentioned are no problem but the massage is. I might have to bribe P in order to get what I want. Is almost mission impossible!

I try to think of some positive sides of this rainy weather: no hungry mosquitoes who pay me a visit at nighttime, enough softdrinks (shortage of Coke Light when the temperatures hit the roof) in the supermarket, no sunburn, no sleepless nights (our bedroom is located under the roof!!), not too much sweat ordour , no dragging of buckets of water into your garden to wet the flowers, no allergy medecine needed (dust and bugs are drowned) no long waits at the butcher's (barbecue orders can make it a very long wait), no need for airco (saves you out some energy!)and foremost no urge to buy summer clothes that you might wear only once!

The money that I don't get to spend on sunny outfits I am going to invest in one of these weather stations you can install at home. So then I can change the channels if the weather forecast is on. These weather forecast people are 'persona non grata' in my life! Can' t stand them and especially the language they use in order to get the message across. Rain is rain, not a little depression that carries along humid air to our heck of the woods!!! Perhaps they get paid for the amount of words they use in their small talk!

One weather forecast I like and it's always correct! You can find it in the free newspaper 'Metro'. In there you will find also some words about the weather. Most of the time it's very simple and easy to understand. One picture and a few words is all they need to make it clear. My favourite prediction: 'Look out the window!' This is then illustrated with a picture of a window. When they try to make a more elaborate prediction they will add some extra styling advice e.g. by rain they will have a picture of an umbrella or when there will be sunshine, a picture of sunglasses.

Well, that is more my cup of tea, not too much spilled words on one of these subjects that people can nag on about for hours. Oeps, seems like I am turning into one of them! Perhaps I should do what Gene Kelly did once: 'I am singing in the rain,.......' The rain might then leave at once because, God do I sing off key!

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