vrijdag 18 juli 2008

'There is something rotten in the state of .......' ( fill in the blanks)

Politics are not the most interesting thing to mention when writting a blog but I am afraid I can't get around them any more. I happen to live in one of these countries where politics are almost show business. But lately not many seem to be able to understand what the show was about.

Oké that I am obliged to go and cast a vote every now and then that is just the way it goes around here. Not that I like it but it is the only way to express my opinion about the government. So I take voting rather serious and don't just colour random one of boxes. And when the fist results are on the TV, I am hooked. To be honest when it turns out I have voted for the winner I have this rather content feeling that I have done my duty. All I can hope for then is that these elected politicians keep up their promises (mission impossible but they want to make us still believe in fairy tales) and run the nation in very responsible way.

Well I am afraid that the next time I am going into my cubicle to cast my vote I am facing rather a hard time. Playing darts in there might work! Whenever that will be? Perhaps rather too soon! A few days ago our prime minister raced over to the royal palace to tell the king that he wants to resign. It happened many times before but this time he was sent home without a straight answer. Not that I was surprised.

For the last year we not really had a federal governement that was working very effeciently. We had some protagonists that wanted to get into to spotlights and make sure that they wouldn't lose the attention of their audience. And I had fun watching them out there on stage. So here are some reviews of the best performances of the last twelve months.

We had Mrs No, the rising star of south. So persistent in her role and never forgot her lines. And beware of those who think that only big parts with lots of lines can turn you into a rather known star. She just needed one word to utter and we were hooked: no!!! Joëlle Milquet is for sure one of the leading ladies in our political playhouse. She only seems to have a hard time learning other lines.

I was bewildered by the part played by Oliver Maigain. He brought in extra tension and turned the melodramatic story into a real thriller. But he goofed off one time too much when he called the main character rather autistic. The guy even had to apolgize to all the intrestgroups for people with ASD. He might have a hard time to find a next part in a major play! But then he might be perfect to play Oliver Twist!

There was a very outgoing performance by Karel De Gucht. But his one-liners were not liked by all. And he made even the Congolese audience leave the theater. If you are wondering what the fuss is all about there are some sites you perhaps want to check out. For diehard fans there is: http://www.wegmetdegucht.be/. For the critics among you might find what you are after on: http://inflandersfields.eu/ . All his awardwinning performances can be found there and critical reviews as well.

Like every good play you need one of these guys who has some very strong body language. Bart De Wever was just cut out for that part. He was still going strong when not a single other cast member seemed to last for much longer. But then some of his words also ended up causing confusion, pain and frustration. Bart is one of these individuals who is not shy about speaking up. When critics call him names he will reply very eargerly by performing one of his trademark monologues. One thing is for sure Bart is not going to settle for a small fish. He is after the big fat catch: an Oscar-award for the best bad boy in a Shakesperian play. Mac Beth is then perhaps the next carreermove to think about.

Worth to mention is also Elio Di Rupo. The planned comeback can be called quite success. But perhaps the costume designer should start to rethink his outfits. These colourful bowties won't do in order to walk the red carpet. One of his collegues made him end up in the list of famous gay men. If this will make him more popular I doubt, but ending up in the same list as Goethe and Julius Ceasar is quite an accomplishment being an actor in B-movies.

Next there is the very charming Vincent Van Quickenborne, nicknamed Quickie. Some call him an opportunist, others think he is the next best son in law after Koen Wauters. This young rebel is a waterproof guarantee to spice up any the play. He ended up in the national press showing of his iPhone when you were not supposed to buy these abroad. His dream: the main part in a Kafka-movie. This boy is so honest that he talks very openly about how much money he makes being a political actor: 5 655 euros a month (before taxes). And that for doing a job he considers just a hobby! The dream audience he is after: G.W. Bush.

One of the actors that I had expected more from is Didier Reynders. Going very strong and about getting only major parts in blockbusters. Some even thaught he was going to be up for a BAFTA. Unfortunately, his side kick, Oliver Maigain, forces him to stay very realistic and don't get carried away. More then once he ended up in some of these silent movies! So perhaps some extra speech coaching wouldn't hurt. And Jack Sparow you better watch out, Didier considers your beloved wife,Vanessa Paradis as the perfect speech coach! Lately there are rumors that he is on the list of being a voice in the animated picture:'The adventures of Blake & Mortimer'.

The award for suprise comeback of the year is for our former Prime Minister: Guy Verhofstadt. He had made very clear that he would not taken part in any other Hamlet play and he was sick and tired of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Not that many Bond Movies seen then. Like a 'Deus ex machina' he was pulled back in the spotlights. He saved the major play house from firing its biggest theater company. I just wonder how long it will last now that he is planning to bike back to his beloved Tuscany where he can read all his favourite books.

The award for most dramatic performance goes to our Prime Minister: Yves Leterme! He just tried too hard. Many expected top performances from him and hoped he would put Belgium back on the map. Apparently Yves can't manage the pressure and the high expectations that this part brings along. He even ended up singing the wrong tune when entering a church. He realises that something has got to change but for now I guess he got to settle for:'To be or not to be,..... That is the question.' For sure to be continued.............

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