dinsdag 22 juli 2008

'La douce France, here I come'

I won't have the possibility to write the next 10 days on my blog. I will be spending hopefull a wonderful and sunny break in Burgundy, Santenay! It is seven years ago that I have been on a real break. Will leave friend and son behind but they will cope and they will be taken care of as well. A will be spending 6 days with his grannie in Bilzen and P will have plenty of time to do his own thing. Like getting the bugs out of his new toy: the iPhone. Also will he be able to run a marathon without having to be in time for dinner or lunch.

Me I guess will have to get used to travelling and not to be back in time to cook, clean, do grocery shopping, do the dishes, do the ironing, and tons of these things that I happen to do when I am at home for the summer holidays.

The next ten days I will be spending with twelve people in 'La Douce France' in the small but pittoresque village of Santenay. Burgundy has always been one of my favourite regions in France. While I will be travelling down the country, I will be travelling through the rich history of that spot in France.

I can't wait to go and visit Vezlay, Beaune, Dijon, the village where 'Chocolate' has been filmed ( I am not telling the name because it is not that known too many) and have I mentioned the wine, the baquets, croissants, wine, cheese, melons and other delecious foods I might discover on my trip. I have packed my cookbooks, some of my favourite cooking magazines so that I might be able to cook something for my travelcompanions.

Literature is going to travel along as well. The Pillars of the world and Shopaholic and a baby are packed already. I have been promised that there is big tree where I can sit onder and read for hours without being disturbed! Heaven, I am in heaven!

Have some pictures of loved ones. because I will miss them and the first night when I call home to find out how things are going and hear A his voice I will miss him more then ever! Counting the days till we will meet again after ten days.

But I am going to enjoy this break and try to make new memories and find tons of inspiration to write new stories on my blog. So for now I am afraid that you won't find any new entries the next days. Enjoy the sun but don't forget the sunscreen!

A and P when you would ready this I will miss you and have fun without your mother. Just don't forget to water the plants! And try not to eat all these 10 days pasta. Perhaps next summer we should travel to Italy the three of us!!!

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