woensdag 2 juli 2008

A trip down Memorylane

People have memories, that is a fact. It just depends where you have caught them and how long they last. Some last for a lifetime others you are about to forget quite fast. But lately I have a new memory-aid. It had been introduced by others and I was hessistating to use it because I am not that big on that kind of things. But this one turns out to be quite a help as a braintraining!

Its name: Facebook. One of my friends, who moved to France for quite some time, made me curious and now I am an addict. It is so easy. You create your own profile and then the fun can get started.

One of the side-effects of Facebook is how many old acquaintances get back into your life!! Suddenly your friend you took balletclasses and went to grade school with is standing in your kitchen. And quite soon there are pictures to be seen that you thaught were already destroyed.

People that have quite some funny memories of me are also back in my life. C biking around in Haspengouw (Fruitcountry) in the middle of the night!!! Or getting drunk of having too much grapejuice (this is not a joke, coincidence or not!! the company who produced this juice took it out of production shortly after this incident) and dancing around in antique dresses in even older castles.

I also got back in touch with people that I met during my year as an exchange student. People that have met me as an 18 year old, who have been part of my best year ever. A year that has made me decide some things that have pushed my life in a certain direction. Also the boy who kissed me on a wonderful night in LA. Even he is back.

We all have changed in a way but now we are given the opportunity to get back in touch. It is just so strange that this all is happening thanks to a dropout of Harvard named Mark Zuckerberg who founded this thingy four years ago. He was tempted to sell it to Yahoo a few years ago. A sale that could have made him 1 miljard green bucks richer. Mark refused and today it is worth about 15 miljard green ones!!!

A trip down Memorylane is quite worth something. I cherish those trips. They have given me back a part of my life that I considered classified and forgotten. It spices up my social and emotional part of my brain and it gives me that extra bit of energy I need to get through the day. Thank you Mark and all the other 80 million of users! You all create new memories that will find their way into our heads and hearts and (might) last forever!!

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