woensdag 6 augustus 2008

Kitchenmemories from Santenay

Written in memory of my very nice holiday!!!

When you ask people how their holiday what most of them will mention the food they had. Well right they are. Food can leave a long after taste and those memories can laste for life time! So while being in Santenay my fellow travel companions and I created some tasty memories.

I wasn't staying in a hotel but I was a guest in the holiday house of one my collegues. Her father who is a very good cook was our host. P is a very nice guy who ended up buying a house in a small and quiet wine village called Santenay. If you would ever end up there and walk through this sleepy village: it is a pink house with numerous flowerpots on the balconies. It looks like one of these houses you come across while flipping the pages of glozzy travel magazines. Behind those walls there is quite a paradise hidden and the kitchen is for sure a place where you want to spend part of your free time.

Most of my travelcompanions already had a kitchen reputation and so I felt quite nervous of performing in there. Kitchen highlights that landed on our plate to end up in our stomachs were: home made lasagna (W two tumbs up for that taste experience), spaghetti (T his tomato sauce was very tasty), Paëlla (the master chef of the house P his dish was approved by his three year old godchild, son of a local cook!!!), white Sangria (A, you got us in the right mood with that drink), homemade vegetable salads (the one made in the oven turned out to be quite a hit in combination with chicken), macaroni and cheese (3 different ones and the one with bacon got the highest marks), Pana Cotta (A and I managed to impress the local cook with this dessert!), and last but not least our last supper: poulet de Bresse (devine chicken!! prepared by our host) with French Fries (once I don't mind calling them French) and a passionate triffle (A and I managed to get very juicy passionfruits)!

Like you can read the calories have found their way to our tastebuds! We also ended up one night in the favourite family restaurant where we were treated with Burgundy's delicacies. I ended up with froglegs!!! The garlic butter turned it into one of these dishes that can abduct you to holiday heaven. A, one of our harder to please kitchen princesses had a wonderful time with the fish she had chosen. Most of us went fruity with sorbet for dessert! W decided to go very chique and had profiteroles! We all were in food heaven!

In order to get back in shape we ran home. We even didn't need a flashlight to show us the right track. Lightning was our beacon and God, were we happy to be back in time. Once we opened the door of DL Residency heaven decided to treat us on a spectacular light and sound show.

Worth to mention as well was our Fresco dinner at one of the family friends. He got that one dream kitchen you want desperatedly. Out of his professional oven came superb spiced chicken. And having tarte tatin for dessert was as well quite nice. I am not going to mention the swimbad that was close by. It just added some extra class to the dishes. After dinner some of us went for a final dive.

Cooking and eating in Santenay was quite a nice experience. I went home with some new kitchen secrets. I can go on for hours about this subject. But like we all know once you are home all these dishes become less apealing because you have to prepare in your boring kitchen. The Englsh have the saying:'No kitchen is big enough to hold two women'. Turns out that when you are travelling you even can stand tons of people in that room!! Miss that place!!

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