woensdag 6 augustus 2008

'La Vie en Rose' in Burgundy

Written during my stay in France!!! Sunny memories!!!

Thursday, 24th of July

We had almost forgotten what it was like to have sun all around us. But once we were on the way to live like gods and goddesses in ‘la douce FRANCE’ we saw what we had missed these last three weeks: pure landscapes in the sun. We were ‘on route’ for ten days of joy, delicious food experiences, conquering castles , emptying out their wine cellars, driving scenery and touristic routes, discovering unknown treasures, awing at views to kill with a camera, speaking high school French at the local pharmacy, walking around like a world traveller and acting like one, ……

I could go on for hours what we were heading for but once you land there fiction becomes reality! I can get up now in the morning opening up my window and just have that one feeling that I was after: genuine calmness. Everything looks so much better in the sun and especially when you are looking at a fountain that is producing clear water and in the background you know that the grapes are spending the last month on the hills.

Life moves on and we are privledged to witness the life in Santenay that moves on the seasonal waves to produces these tasty wines that will decorate many tables around the world and will end up in many mouths. But a true wine lover knows that once you have seen, smelled, touched, sensed the country where these grapes have rested, their nostalgic aromas it will be a better wine. Your glass embodies all these cherished memories. The taste that touches your tongue gives that one sparkle you need to feel alive.

Being Bachus in France is being in paradise and feeling just lucky to be alive! My drinking companions seem to have that same drive in life and once I am back home opening up a bottle of Bourgogne wine it will be followed by an explosion of memories that will boast my life for the better. Emotions produced by fruits that are filled up with tons of anti-oxidants, just what the doctor has prescribed! So tonight when I am sitting on the terrace sipping a local red or white wine I will feel healed and in balance!! Santé is for sure one of my most favourite words for the moment!!

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