donderdag 7 augustus 2008


P and I had made a mental list of the things we wanted to for and with A this summer. Well due to the oh so typical weather more then half of this list will stay fiction but we try very hard. So after P watched the weather forecast for this week we planned to go to the cinema! A is four now and has never been to a real movie theater before! We have got a surround system and so A can watch his favourite DVDs with lots of sound effects. I must admit that after watching 'Cars' for more then 100 times I am getting sound defects. There have been moments that I thaught that those cars were racing through my kitchen.

A also loves to copy cat a movie. So half through he start to act out the storyline by using all his toys. When the words: 'THE END' pop up on the screen our living room is turned into a real film set with costumes and props scattered all over the place. A thinks he is running for an oscar but it is me who ends up cleaning up the set. The prospect of still having a clean and safe to enter living room seemed rather nice!

We booked seats ahead and drove with one blind passenger on board to the place of action. A wasn't impressed with the enterance. 'Here is nothing to do for me', he said. Only when he saw a big commercial poster of "Walle', he got a bit more upbeat. He ran up all the stairs and then decided that he wanted to know what was behind those big doors blocking his way!

Surprise: lots of seats and a big screen! Once he was seated and checked out this place closely. 'I want something to eat! Can I have a drink, pleeeeeease!!!!!?', were soon to be heard. Well I ended up in front of a snack counter with a yelling four year old; 'Mum, come and see what I want!', while pointing at a special kidpackage containing a small popcorn and an action cup of Walle filled with a softdrink of his/her own choice!!! I was not going to get caught this time. But the dad next to me bought one for his son. But then I had the impression he was after the cup himself! A ended up with a bottle of still water (with a straw as compensation) and a small popcorn.

After the trailers and the commercials we were treated on a new short story of Pixar. A had by then already asked for a million times when Walle was going to come. Also the other kids started to wonder when they would stop with those stupid car commercials and shampoo ads. But then there he was: WALLEEEE! And he is so cute with his big black eyes! And he is so good at his job: picking up and recycling trash! Rather a modern man!

A hated it when the words 'Break' showed up on the screen. He almost started to cry. We tried to explain to him that all these kids had to get the chance to go to the loo. So he ran off and wanted to check this out for himself. I convinced him that this might be right time to go. We ended up in a small cubicle and he kept on talking about the movie and what was going to happen next. The result was that A left half of his pee next to the toilet. I ended up next to it with half of the toiletpaper.

I won't tell too much about the movie itself but A seemed to be waiting to meet all the friends of Walle. He must have seen a trailer or an article somewhere because I seemed to think there were not going to be any friends beside the white egglike girlfriend. 'Mum, Walle has got a long friend and small ones! When are they coming?' 'Shhhht! They will come soon!' And yes there were some other robots that were rather friendly to the small trashy robot and yes there is one who is rather tall!

By now A was a bit in need for some action and started to act out the movie. His waterbottle changed into a rocket and he started to imitate the sounds these robots make. I was shrinking by the minute. Ready to go undercover because all the other kids were so quiet and mine was talking out loud! I was rather a relieved mum when the words 'The End' came up.

A is now in bed and dreaming of robots, recycling, sun energy, space ships, stars and planets. I bet that starting tomorrow he will have an other movie that he can imitate. Will have to be careful when I enter the set! Many unidentified flying objects and so. I just wonder what I will be in it. I have a preference but I bet I will be the long friend of the cute little robot. P might end up being the cleaning robot but that is part that suits him well. In the end he is my favourite action hero and I hope that I am his true Eve!

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